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It is to show others who have not been broken by this ideology that their arguments are hollow, that they can’t even answer the simplest of questions.

They can’t; mostly because they have no idea what their actual argument is. It is similar to the topics of climate change or vaccination — the people arguing on behalf of those ideas might be completely correct and all statistics backing them up, though, most don’t know what those statistics actually say and what exactly the logical argument is. They just parrot hyperbole they read or heard somewhere, mockingly chastise their opposition without any real information about the topic to argue the point.

This is why when you actually ask a question, even the most simple and mundane one, they can’t seem to find a logical answer to give and instead attack your character and intelligence, making their opposition seem too extreme or stupid and not worthy of a response. This is pretty much what happens throughout this discussion, I believe.

My intention is not to change their minds. The vast majority of those who have been indoctrinated into this cult are irreparable damaged or ill equipped to reason their way out of these broken rationales.

Give it time. It’s currently cool to argue in favor of silencing and attacking the morality of others while supporting racist and sexist notions of equality. One day, in the real world, they’ll probably encounter why their ideas have little to no merit. Well, at least this is my hope — I don’t think those people are actually evil, as they portray themselves…

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