“Flawed”: Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good If You’re A Female Presidential Candidate
Sarah Lerner

Trump didn’t win because he was the better candidate, had the preferable policies, was white, or a man. He was elected because:

a. Large segments of the population were demonized for arbitrary characteristics. Something that Trump stood against.

b. No one wanted to talk about Clinton flaws. Not even her. There was a scandal, and the media was silent, even Clinton herself failed to address any of the accusations and flaws. People wanted a reason to trust her, but no one gave them the slightest reason to, and the silence made people uneasy.

c. ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity.’ It didn’t matter that everything that the media had to say about Trump was bad. It’s that they kept mentioning it, again and again.

It seems that you just couldn’t separate the person from her gender. Her failure had nothing to do with her gender. It had to do with her, her politics, her character, her past, and the way she ran her campaign. You just fail to see any of it and instead see her gender as the only important aspect.