no, im referring to jim’s sexist remark.
Caleb Lytton-Jean

men’s rights group also trying to change the meaning of rape.

Well, it seems like they are late to the party. Feminist already managed to make it meaningless. If you want examples, look at “stare-rape” and the 1:5 statistic.

so they won’t get in trouble if they rape a woman that aren’t in their definition.

I assume you have an example of MRA’s who were accused of rape? Or is it yet another narrative you heard a feminist proclaim as though it was fact?

There are men who get away with rape.” Yes, so many times. And, when women tried to report it, they get body-shame, derogatory names by men and many women. They would blame her for meeting him or them, blame her for drinking a bit, blame her for pass out, and etc etc etc.

No. Not many. Very few in western societies. No one is “body shaming” any women. That’s just the common narrative that feminists push. When they report the crime, the person filling the report need to get all the facts. Facts are not “body shaming.”

You somehow managed to disregard the point of the women who file a false report and manage to ruin the life of a man. It fits with the feminist narrative of “well, at least you started a discussion” because the life of the victim is meaningless to feminists.

The video you cited is also nothing more than propaganda. Mirroring some random case from the 1950’s. The feminists suggested course of action when a rape victim comes forth to the police is that they take the name of the accused and just jail him without trial — because apparently the feelings of the supposed victim take precedent on justice.

“There are also women who get away with making false reports” by tiny margin compare to many rapists that get away with it and will do it again.

And I assume you have some hard evidence that supports that assertion.

Again, like previously, your feminist assertion is that every woman who reports (or don’t report) the supposed rape is completely earnest and should be believed immediately. What a scary world you portray.

Both are wrong, but read the tea story. you should know when to stop when woman or man said “stop”.

Yes. Stop shoving your ideology down my throat when I repeatedly asked you to stop doing so.

If you really want to stick to the ‘tea’ analogy with that stupid video, then I suggest you also watch the response video:

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