Sacher, are you seriously claiming that women are guilty of imposing a “hierarchy of oppression” on…

What can I say, I was triggered.

are you seriously claiming that women are guilty of imposing a “hierarchy of oppressionon men?

I was actually referring to “Intersectional Feminism” where feminists and social justice advocates, in general, ignore the individual and consider only the group that the individual is associated with.

Based on intersectionality, white heterosexual women are considered more oppressed than white heterosexual men and therefore should be given more privilege points. This means that a man in the former group cannot contest the perception of reality of a woman in the later group. However, a man whose origin is not from a western culture and his skin is not white is more oppressed than the white heterosexual woman and therefore should have more privilege points given to him.

The article to which I responded to used that model to portray women as suffering from the hands of men without needing to cite any cases or show any evidence of such behavior correlating with reality and instead relying on the audience well-established perception of the behavior the author describes.

Are you positing male fragility?

I’m positing that people are individuals and not part of a group that dictates their behavior and experiences.

BTW, you created a series of straw men in your post and gave them a good whacking.

You’ll need to point them out to me as I fail to see them myself.

Usually, you do a much better job of thinking and writing.

Thank you.

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