Jim Comey: A Political Animal Uncaged
Reed Galen

What on earth are you blabbering about?

Portraying Comey as anything other than a self-serving bureaucrat and a vain one at that is ludicrous. He lied by omission, he intervened in the elections and post elections, managed to make Clinton infractions seem like petty issues, and disregarded the most basic protocols of law enforcement.

The only reason people on the left are still bowing to him is that they dislike Trump and see Comey as some sort of savior who will be the lynchpin that brings him down. You don’t care about the law or even decency — if you did, you would have added the bits that show him to be a liar, you would have included the missing questions that bring light to his faults and how he was the main actor in portraying Trump as being in collusion with Russia.

Whatever fault Trump has, he just proved him to be right and made his firing a legitimate action done by Trump.

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