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That is illogical unless you fail to distinguish between actual acts of crime and police statistics.

You can claim the same about any other statistic. You assume the police lie because they are the police. I, on the other hand, assume that everyone has a bias and cannot represent the complete truth.

You still need to account for almost 40% of excess crime, which is more than the margin of error or falsified data.

it seems pretty obvious that those from wealthier backgrounds are far less likely to get busted

If so, they would have no problem admitting it, would they? Wouldn’t the oppressed black man who need to learn to run from the cop to survive will be far more cunning than your typical rich guy?

Does sound kinda racist the way you frame it… even if it is based on stats.

You’re contradicting yourself. The truth is not racist. It cannot be. Statistics cannot be racist, they can only be interpreted by a racist and therefore flawed and unless you prove they are, then racism has nothing to do with it.

The correlation could be explained by many other means.

You mean anything that justifies whatever a black man does as the fault of the white man?

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