You have completely missed the point of Didi Delgado’s article.
Erin Michele

You cannot cite and emphasize only the words that make you comfortable and ignore the parts that actually ‘normalize’ the violent behavior that the author promotes.

Any argument that is being made to highlight the problems with the false narrative is usually labeled ‘problematic’ and disregarded. Instead, the common pundit cites fluff, such as the historical and cultural aspect, as though it has any bearing on the topic, and continue to promulgate the same fallacious argument that the factual data provided explains.

I suggest you read the actual data, understand the points being made, consider the disparity between the 1960’s where Jim Crow was still in effect, and the current reality that is somehow worse than the time where there was actual institutional racism.

You do not help the marginalized, but help create another generation of them being unable to escape their marginalization. All for feeling good and “fighting the good fight.” It is neither good nor just.

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