And what rights are negatively affected by expanding the rights of others?
Brian Grimm

You don’t expending rights when you make protected classes. Not only by the legal means but from criticism.

The term LGBT is offensive. It serves organizations more than the individuals who fall under that label. How does being gay equate with being transgender? How does not being sexually attracted to the opposite gender comparable to not identify with your own gender?

You care to know why all of those labels are grouped together and why feminism equate being a woman as being a distant part of the LGBT? Well, it gives power to politically motivated actors and allows movements and groups to gain validity and influence. It’s grouping a debatable behavior and mental state with those that were proven to be valid and healthy groups.

Not that the label of LGBT is settled. As weeks go on, more and more letters are added to the LGBT, making it a home for everyone under the sun — apart from being straight and comfortable with one’s gender, of course.

Being Transgender is a mental condition. You might not like that definition, and might disagree with the rhetoric but by definition alone, this is true. These are people who are afflicted with a situation of their life, even if that situation doesn’t make them ‘sick’ or morally questionable. It’s just the reality of who they are.

What is currently being done is restricting the perspective of the law, to ‘compassionately’ consider the emotional stability of the ‘oppressed’ group. Justice is blind for a reason. You don’t consider someone skin color, ethnicity, religion, gender, and various expressions for a reason — everyone must stand by the same standards, regardless of those irrelevant attributes.

Of course, feel free to suggest to me why those oppressed groups should receive special benefits under the claim that unless they’ll receive them by law and from society, they will harm themselves and become emotionally unstable, all the while claiming that their emotional and psychological state is normal and healthy. Those are two mutually exclusive ideas.

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