How is it that conservatives always, always seem to forget how this happened?
Alexander E Jones

You know not your own history.

During the cold-war, Republicans managed to win election by emphesizing the danger the USSR posed, while Democrats emphesized the danger that the Republicans posed. They used the KGB tactics to sow the first grains of the long-term propaganda that portray the conservative movement as vile and despicable. Do you think the “basket of deplorables” is a new idea coined by Hillary during the 2016 campaign?

When the cold-war was over and the danger from a rival nation was no more, Republican found themselves battling with a well established pseudo-fact that they are morally bankrupt.

This is the same mentality that made people buy into that narrative and vote for Hillary that promised nothing, ignored the bulk of the country, was in league with the establishment, and mocked everyone outside of a metropolitan area — in essence, she exhibited all the vile properties that the democrats use to shame conservatives.

And people actually voted for her.

You keep mentioning the gay agenda as though it has any bearing on politics and the increasing the status of the US in the world. As if it will help half the country escape economic disaster. Well, those people don’t matter. The important thing is that a few gay and lesbians could get married, that a transgender person could use any bathroom that they wished, as long as you have a day/week/month out of the year to feel warm and special inside for being different while shouting at other people how you are exactly like them.

Good to know you have your priorities in order.

Of course, when we really look at the issue, there are gay Republicans — both men and women. Hmmm… this is indeed a kurfufle. I know, let’s pretend they don’t exist and if were at it, let’s also assume that no black, hispanic, or middle-eastern person actually subscribe to the conservative ideology. I mean, we can’t let the ideology live by its merits and fall by its flaws, can we? We need to tell people what to think. They are children who know no better and should be guided to the truth we bring.

Wait a minute. I forgot about the women. The poor helpless women who only want to be CEO’s and shatter that glass ceiling. Okay, let’s just say that those women who voted Republican did so becuase they hate other women — we’ll call it “Internalized Misogyny” that way, they are not really women and therefore we can conclude that no women voted for the Republican party.

Reality, does not conform the bias that was shoved down your throat. Unlike you, I don’t believe you to be bigoted or malicious. I just think you failed to see a few decades worth of propaganda that made you see everything as a moral argument.

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