Fake news, hate speech, and harassment

You skirted around the actual topic. The one that is mentioned in the tags but you never refer to directly: GamerGate. The movement was perhaps the precursor to the current “Fake News” trend and showed the behavior of the media to take advantage of their reader base to elevate themselves to a position of power while stepping over the people they claim to stand behind.

What started GamerGate was not the controversy around Gjoni and Quinn or even the abnormal relationship between game creators, publishers, and the media. What actually started it was the gaming media producing countless of “Gamers are Dead” articles in the span of 24 hours. It’s the collusion that the media had with each other, against their audience.

GamerGate was never a movement of right-leaning middle-aged straight white guys, as the media portrayed them to be but a group of individuals from every race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and political leaning.

How does this relate to the current iteration of “Fake News?” The media, although seemingly stand in support of liberal and progressive ideologies, actually work for the benefit of themselves. They tried to create a president — and failed and now try to fix their own mistake and trying to delete their failure from the public consciousness. You can think about the “Fake News” issue as “Americans don’t need to be your audience. Americans are over.”

The public didn’t really push against the narrative of the media’s portrayal of GamerGate. It might not have stopped what currently happens now in the mainstream media but might have prepared some of the people to the reality of the media.

As for the Sargon/Sarkeesian controversy: Sarkeesian seemingly stand for women, LGBT folks, and other ‘marginalized’ groups and therefore, by the liberal/progressive ideology, they should get the preferential treatment — after all, you don’t want people to think of you as an alt-right, white supremacist, human garbage, do you?

Like the countless of female, trans, gay and other game developers that were harassed and ignored during GamerGate, the women trans, gay and other liberal voices are silenced in the support of the privileged women who can’t form a consistent argument, but one that seemingly stands in support of the ‘marginalized.’