10 reasons I prefer to be single

“Are you gonna stay alone forever ? ”

A question we all faced at one point of our life . The constant pressure of being in a relationship by our peer, family or society drives us crazy at one point of time in our life . The pressure never ends with just dating someone . You have to in a relationship which is approved by people close to you and adored by people you are acquainted with .

Recently i faced such questions by friends and family and people who care about me when i confronted them that i wish to be single for my entire life . The reactions of them are more concerned for me being a spinster in a patriarchal society was overwhelming .

This article is an attempt to convince people to see my point of views in this matter and to support all the people who are struggling with this dilemma in their life .

  • Freedom

A relationship requires you to perform as a team with your partner, irrespective of what level of understanding and chemistry you have with your partner . And god forbids if you guys are not in same page . Being single gives you freedom to focus more on your self and your needs . While decision making in life be it career or life or small decisions of life like relocation or travel or a vacation you are expected to consider your partners availability and their priorities. You may have to sacrify few things but also that may be beautiful for some people .

  • Sacrifice your passion

You probably may think we covered it above . Trust me we didn’t …..

Every one has that one thing they are passionate about and that may not be their occupation .

That leads to us to a hobby or an art or an explore . These things need your effort and time and you feel contained by pursuing it . You cheer every moment you spent but also, that is the every moment you are not spending with your partner if you guys don’t have common passion about things and at a same intensity . That either leads to changing your passion or compromising the time your spend on it . Relationships I have observed so far had a significant influence on the persons when it comes to passions .

  • Dealing with baby care fights

Ladies lets be honest at this point. Even if you like to take care of your child out of the tremendous selfless love, sometimes you just wish somebody would take care of it for you . That’s the best case scenario . Let’s not speek of the case where you had a cranky day and you still have to do that . In other case men, sometimes you, kind of feel helpless as the child needs mother in a lot cases biologically like pregnancy or feeding . But let’s be a bit practical here for men they have the sense of responsibility for the child which you may not be ready for.

  • No emotional investments

A relationship always requires your attention and care . Its just like a sapling. As you need to take care in early days may not need the same care in later stage of life . But , if you are focus on career, ambitions and passionate , attentions toward a relationship would make you think “Should I pursue it” . If you feel then you know you love your dreams more than yourself which leads to a thought “Are you willing to take effort for a relationship which may deviate you from your goals ?”

  • You save hell lot of money

It’s a universal truth . Relationships are expensive . Consider the amount of money you would save in romantic dates, couple dates, dine out casuals, anniversary gifts and small things like flowers and chocolates . In some cases your partner can make you go bankrupt as well . Well also that’s an extreme case . Also consider the cost of living together or buying a house. Cost of living of life may not gradually decrease to half if you were a single but, sure it would save you a lot .

  • Travel restrictions

The passion for travel is something I have . Being in a relationship mostly hinders that . Compatibility of your partners choice of travel with your is a huge thing which matters . You both may not agree on same places to visit or preference of hotels or choices of budget as well. Also there is a concept of convince as well . You can certainly not take a vacation if your partner is facing issues at work or sudden family problem with him or her arises . Also consider few people like vacation not travel .

  • You can give back to society

It’s my favourite point. Being in a relationship requires a lot of your time energy and money . So you would be exhausted when it comes to a point where you wish to give it back to the society .

Until and unless you both are passionate about philanthropy your chances of being giving back to the society is very less . Look at world leaders like Dalai Lama, Jane Austen, Leonardo DA Vince, Oprah Winfrey . They all stand out being single and awesomely bad-ass.

  • Being single doesn’t mean you have to be lonely in life

Most people in our world go into a relationship just being afraid of the fact that they would die alone . Well my friend, let go of that fear . Anything which is driven from fear is not persistent not even commitment . You certainly dont have to lead a lonely life . Consider the other prospective of life you would open when you let go of a thought to be single . You can still have kids maybe but wonders of science or may be you will just adopt . I personally favor the idea of not restricting your self to a family when you could be a part of the community . However, even you want to have a family you can still have without being part of a relationship .

  • You don’t have to validate your relationships to anyone ever

This is something very common among all of us . We eventually fall into thoughts where we get insecure that our partner is falling out of love for us . We put more efforts to validate ourselves that we still love each other . Do you really want to do that to you again and again ? This is just the inner validations we need to be in a relationship . We also have to validate our relationships to our parents , family and to society . We have to be socially acceptable as a couple … we have to be acceptable to each others friend and family . The constant pressure of that may linger as the relationship grows old as well.

  • You would be more happy by Statistics

Single people are more tend to be happy and content . You may argue with the fact of being in a relationship may provide you the emotional satisfaction and sense of being loved . But that may lead you to be a complete different person which you are not . Also the constant pursue of a happy relationship may exhaust you and could lead you towards unhealthy relationships . This could lead you to depression and trust issues . Sometimes the trauma is so high that you may destroy your metal health totally . According to research single people are more fulfilled in life than couples . See for yourself .