9 Things To Avoid In Your SoP For Engineering Management

The Importance of Statement of Purpose For Engineering Management

When you are applying for a spot on an engineering management course, your SoP for engineering management is arguably the most crucial and critical of all. This is the area where you can tell the panel the reason why they should accept you and your overall qualifications. Without this, the assessors will surely have a hard time segregating their applicants, as they almost have the same credentials, like grades, educational background and the like. This being the case, it is necessary that you make yourself standout by working on a good SoP.

9 things to avoid in your SoP for Engineering Management

Using famous quotations and lines

What the committee would like to hear is you not anyone else’s point of view. It does not necessarily mean that if a specific quote or line appeal to you, you will find ways to insert it in your SoP. It will definitely not give you an additional point but rather regress your chances of being chosen. Do not use other’s lines to your advantage, as for this case, it won’t happen.

Try to be funny

You are not applying to work as an artist or a comedian, thus trying to be funny is not necessary. You have no idea about the people who will assess your SoP, thus better stay focused, driven and your purpose. Expect that the level of humor of people vary, thus trying to send a message to make them laugh may work the other way, they can possibly feel offended or disrespected.

Personal facts that are not relevant

If the information you are thinking of sharing with them is irrelevant to engineering management, scrap it, they do not care about it for sure. Consider the relevance of the information you are sharing before including it on your statement of purpose for engineering management. If you see that the information you are about to share is far from the course, then scrap it. The assessor’s time is valuable, and they would not want to spend it to things that do not matter to them.


Yes, you care about the income, yes you want monetary rewards, but that information is something you should not include on your SoP, even those monetary rewards you received previously, never discuss anything that involves money on your SoP. This may also send negative thoughts to the assessors about your goals.


Some thought that exaggerating things can help them succeed, here is a fact, you should never underestimate the assessing committee, for sure they know better. Exaggerating things just to impress the assessors will backfire. It will not serve you any good, actually will work the other way. Exaggeration is another term for lying, and the assessing committee will definitely won’t appreciate it.


You need not to say the same statement over and over just to stress a point, this will not help you at all. Assessors may find your application a little boring if you include what is already stated on your credentials.


Never rush, one, it will definitely show, thus making your assessor’s feel that your application is not well thought of, two, you will not be able to construct it right, thus making it prone to errors, and three, you may fail to include all information relevant and important and will end up making your SoP shallow. Rushing will definitely not help you in any way. Spend time to finish your SoP, anyway this can make or break your aspirations.


The world is not perfect and so your school. your classmates, your professors and the like, never complain. Complaining about negative things is not a professional would consider. If you complain, you are just showing incompetency, as you are pointing your finger to someone else to any misfortunes.

Telling stories about other people’s lives

Even if you are talking about your mentor or someone who motivates you, it is not ideal to tell stories about them, what the committee wants to know more is you and not anyone else, thus best if you just focus on explaining yourself and not others. There is a better avenue to do that, and it is definitely not in this instance.