The world is in a constant state of flux. Political, economic, social and technological disruptions change the way we live, and the way we work. This may be worrisome, but we can embrace it and acknowledge that the recipes for success have changed over time. Learn how to foster new skills in an uncertain world with the stories of I-shaped, T-shaped and X-shaped people. Note: These terms have nothing to do with body types!

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I-shaped professionals are highly specialized experts who know everything about a certain domain and are able to explore topics in great depth — linearly and one-directionally like the shape of the letter “I”. Our education system was invented to meet the needs of the industrial system of 1900 and prepare us for this kind of career, and many institutions still do so today. …

Everyone is collecting data. Chances are that you have a lot of information on your current clients — but what do you know about your future customer? In this article I want to share an approach that will help anyone from entrepreneur to designer look beyond the numbers.

During my postgraduate studies in Consumer Behavior Trend Research I came across the Innovation Adoption Curve by Everett Rogers (you might have seen this graph in Simon Sinek’s well-known talk here). He defined consumer segments that show certain thought and behavior patterns concerning the adoption of a new product or service.

The beauty of this approach is the mixed usage of quantitative data and qualitative insights, translating business predictions into future-oriented strategies for growth.

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Let’s look at meat alternatives as an example. When new products entered the market, they appealed first and foremost to Enthusiasts and Visionaries with their curiosity and sense for novelty. …


Silvia Weber

Founder & Creative Brand Strategist | | Good companies find solutions. Great companies find problems.

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