20 Reasons To Go Out and Talk to a Beautiful Stranger Right Now

Sílvia Bastos
Oct 19, 2017 · 5 min read
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1. Because if you are reading this article, you know that deep inside you want to do it, and you just need a little motivation. So here it goes:

2. Because strangers are riddles waiting to be solved, and they are irresistible: they talk to mysterious people on the phone, they think thoughts that you cannot guess, and the sight of them challenges you to imagine the inside of their houses, their naked bodies and the things they do when they’re alone. And you want to know more.

3. Because if you go and talk to that stranger, then he will no longer be a stranger: he will become a part of your life, either as your friend, your lover, or “that weird guy in the subway who spent 20 minutes explaining why cotton is superior to wool when it comes to sportswear”.

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4. Because your interaction with that beautiful stranger, with all its charming discomfort and its infinite emotional nuances, might be more inspiring than any motivational video or any personal development article you will ever find.

5. Because there is nothing like the thrill of meeting someone new. Remember that time when you had a couple of drinks at your friend’s party (you weren’t wasted, just tipsy) and you knew that you were the coolest person in the room, and you knew that you could make anyone fall in love with you just by snapping your fingers? Well, let me break it down for you: you don’t need booze to feel that way again. You just need practice, and that stranger is an empty canvas waiting for your first draft.

6. Because it’s sunny outside. And if it’s rainy, then that’s also great, because there is fresh air and a whole world of possibilities outside your apartment — even if it requires getting a bit wet and feeling a bit awkward. A while ago I compared the size of planet Earth to the amount of time I spend in the 0.0000000000001% of it that is my living room, and things changed for me. But I also realized that I don’t have to travel far: sometimes, meeting someone new can be as life changing as a one month trip around the wild landscapes of Indonesia.

7. Because that stranger is a mirror, a lesson, and an open door to the unknown.

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8. Because, despite of your self-sabotaging first thoughts, that beautiful stranger will not hate you for your awkward “H-hello”. She won’t think you’re a psycho, either, and I’m pretty sure that she won’t call the police just because you said she has a beautiful smile.

9. Because you can say anything. You can ask about the time; you can ask if there’s an ATM around, and then add “by the way, I love the way you walk and I would love to walk with you for a while”. The possibilities are endless.

10. Because there is nothing to lose. Of course, there is your fear of rejection, and there are all the what ifs (what if she laughs in my face because I look ridiculous, what if I cry, what if I don’t know what to say anymore, what if it turns out she is an alien villain disguised as a pretty girl and she invites me to her apartment and then she eats my liver because I’m the first step in her master plan to conquer humanity), but these fears are all in your head. Let yourself fail, because failure is just an illusion: after all, you don’t even know if you’ll ever see her again.

11. Because… because sometimes you are the stranger in someone else’s eyes (a party, a bar, a conference, a new city, a lonely day), and you know how much you would like that someone else to talk to you.

12. Because that stranger has a story to tell, and there is a unique version of that story that is reserved just for you, so that you can make it your own when you tell it later on over dinner at your family’s, at your friend’s wedding — or when you meet another beautiful stranger.

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13. Because it’s easier than you think. And you can trick yourself out of your laziness. For example: most days I don’t feel like doing yoga. So I tell myself:

Then it always hits me: “Hey, after all this is not that bad (it’s actually amazing, that’s why you do it everyday, remember?)” and I usually end up completing my 30 minute routine. Tell yourself that you’re just going out for a stroll; you don’t have to stay for long, and you don’t have to talk to anyone. No pressure. Then, when you’re happily walking around your favorite park, you think “Well, since I’m here, why don’t I just sit next to that ridiculously attractive guy reading his book?” Go easy on yourself, but don’t fall for excuses. Let things happen.

14. Because if not now, then when?

15. Because it’s an opportunity to receive a compliment, and you know how much you love compliments. You love being high on appreciation; feeling the reassurance that you that you are, indeed, amazing. And you know what? It’s good to get a reminder once in a while.

16. Because it’s a chance to do something nice for someone. It’s a chance to make someone smile, to make someone laugh, and you know that nothing can make you happier than to contribute to someone else’s happiness.

17. Because she is beautiful.

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18. Because that stranger is not your phone, or your laptop, and anytime is a good time to give your eyes a break from the screen. Get yourself some sweet eye contact and recharge your energy with your daily fix of delicious human touch.

19. Because you are beautiful.

20. Because if you don’t go right now, that stranger will be gone. Sure, there will always be others; but not that one, in that moment, unknowingly waiting for what you would say if you would go now. And if you don’t go now, then you will always go later, and that stranger will always be gone.

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