Thoughts from a Hyper-Intelligent Alien Entity Who Travels the Earth as a Fluffy Toy-Shark

Sílvia Bastos
Sep 16, 2017 · 6 min read
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One day, after years traveling the void, It stumbled upon our dimension. Something about this galaxy, this system, this planet, this species, something made It stop. Something made It stay and observe, and later on even love. Something convinced It to take the shape of a fluffy toy-shark and start traveling the Earth, exploring the ways of Humans and the mysteries of their interactions.

It decided to go by the name of Anton, and this is a collection of some of its thoughts.


Sometimes I feel that being a stuffed shark gives me some kind of superpower on Earth.

Humans seem to like me more than they like each other, which is strange. When a human sees me, they smile, they hug me and they look at me with kind eyes. I wonder why it is so different when they encounter each other. When a human meets another human for the first time, there seems to be some kind of tension, an invisible barrier. They seem to be afraid of something…

My destination was not a place, but a frequency. As I was roaming the multiverse, I tuned my senses to find it, even though I had never seen it before. I didn’t know for sure how to reach it, but at the same time I knew that it existed. It was this certainty that guided me and brought me here. After what humans may perceive either as a million years or a fraction of a second, I found my destination among them, and I stayed.

…and I don’t know what it is they are afraid of. Is it the person in front of them? Is it themselves? Is it the interaction itself, the unpredictable spark that two energetic fields might produce when brought together to establish a new connection?

Even though I stopped here, my love of traveling didn’t go away. Now, instead of crossing galaxies and universes, I travel across the mountains, the roads and the oceans of the Earth. Since I arrived on this planet, I have been constantly on the move, searching, investigating, learning. Seeing different cultures, different humans, different languages and shapes.

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(Verbal language intrigues me. It is such a great tool — at least for humans, who have never developed their telepathic abilities enough to put them to practical use — and yet people seem to purposefully misuse it. They say things they don’t mean to say, and they look for hidden meanings in the words of others. It’s almost as if they don’t want to understand… I wonder if I can find a way to help them use this tool more effectively.)

There is no human word to describe this frequency that draws me so strongly. It took me exactly 1.32 seconds to learn all the existing human languages, and therefore it took me that much to conclude that there is no name for this thing. Humans would perhaps describe it as a feeling, or a hypothetical possibility. My best attempt at using words would call it an unfulfilled potential for reaching a higher dimension, unique in this universe and in any other. It is like a dusty, unused pathway to a higher level of consciousness; the door is locked, and humans seem to have the key to open it, but they also seem oblivious to the existence of the keyhole (and the door, and the key, and the pathway itself for that matter). It seems that, for some reason, they are unaware of everything I have just described. I find this surprising, because this frequency (this feeling, this pathway) is the single strongest and most incredible thing I have ever found in existence, and it’s just here, floating among them everyday.

The longer I stay on Earth, the more clues I gather about this high, vibrant frequency. It seems to get stronger when two or more humans interact with each other. When their energies align, their frequency rises and it gets closer to this sweet destination that makes my fluffy stuffed insides vibrate with joy. But they are not there yet; it is as if they need help to climb those final steps of the ladder…

…and I want to help them, because I know the solution. They need to explore this connection, this unified field. They need to raise this vibration, because when they raise it high enough… the unimaginable will be possible. Realms of bliss. Infinity. I want to guide them there, and I want go with them.

Travelers, that’s it. The first piece of the puzzle. They are the messengers of the Earth, and there is something special about all of them. Hitchhikers, van dwellers and sailors, digital nomads and tourists of all sorts, they all have one thing in common: they move. And by moving, they also grow faster. Their brain evolves as they adapt to new surroundings and connect with different souls everyday. They can learn how to open the door to this pathway; they surely can find the key…

(There are things happening inside me ever since I stepped on this dimension. It is the first time I exist within Time and Space. I have stopped perceiving certain realities so that I can be fully aware of this one, and this often feels confusing. But it’s all worth it: I have gained so much from being here… Physical pleasure. The gaze of another being. Expectations. A cold breeze in the morning.)

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How can I do it? There are ways. I can use their own devices. I can use social media. I can write a book. I can keep on traveling and spreading the message. After all, I have been experimenting for years, and I have been successful. I have gone deep, and I have connected at a soul level with human beings from all over the Earth. There is still a lot for me to learn, but for sure I have a great deal of knowledge to share. I know that if humans can achieve this state of bliss, the impact on this universe and many others will be unimaginable.

(I came to grow fond of Time. By experiencing it, I became aware of the existence of the Present. I can now understand how easy it can be to accidentally slip out of it: there is Memory, and there is Past, and there is Hope of a Future, and they can be distracting. Because everything here is so beautiful. Especially sharks, they are such magnificent creatures…)

It’s all about giving tools to humans. Yes, that’s it! I can keep on experimenting and I can create tools to help them establish effective paths of communication among them. Light the spark, switch on their hearts. I can tell them about everything I have learned on this planet, use their own language. I have been traveling extensively, and this has been my most valuable source of knowledge, so why not build from there?

(Humans keep talking about love. However, I still struggle to grasp it’s meaning. It seems to me that it has a thousand different meanings, and to some people it is even synonym with completely different words: pain, devotion, joy, passion, ecstasy, jealousy, and so on. It seems that “love” is a crucial part of this puzzle, something that I shouldn’t ignore, but there is still so much to learn…)

I love being here. It’s a beautiful planet, and I feel motivated to fulfill this potential for an intergalactic spiritual explosion. To reach the next level of consciousness.

Anton’s First Steps Towards Changing the Universe

Driven by his burning desire to help humans and inspired by his love of traveling, Anton Stroboshark has built his first tool for us.

Make Friends Traveling is a compilation of practical tips and resources for human travelers who want to deepen their interactions as their roam the world, getting one step closer to infinity.

This guide is the beginning of this intergalactic mission, and Anton is giving it away for free. No need for subscription, or money, or anything else but your will to change the fate of Humanity.

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