Balance is

Sílvia Bastos
Nov 5, 2017 · 2 min read
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Photo by Timothée Mägli on Unsplash

Balance is eating the right amount of food: not too much, not too little; just enough to be satisfied without getting full.

Balance is doing focused work until I feel accomplished, and stopping before my eyes hurt from staring at the screen.

Balance is being comfortable while pushing myself — just a little bit more — beyond my limits.

Balance is watching one video on Youtube, reading one article on Medium, eating one slice of cake, and then stopping.

Balance is a mix between freedom and control, between expression and containment, between in and out.

Balance is saying “Guys, I think I will be going home now because I want to go to bed early, wake up early and pursue my dreams tomorrow.”

Balance is going out on weekends, resting in the afternoons and reading a good old fashioned printed fiction book before going to bed.

Balance is telling your partner how much you love them, every day, several times a day.

Balance is not raising my voice when my grandma tells me “What do you mean, you’re not eating more?”, and then not eating more just because I’m angry at my grandma.

Balance is juggling your relationships, your passion, your health, your self-time, and your boring responsibilities. Balance is juggling, period.

Balance is being able to say no — apart from the moments when you know you have to say yes.

Balance is failing and trying again, falling and standing up, pausing and restarting, over and over and over again.

Balance is being in peace with imperfection.

Balance is most of the time avoiding extremes, but being ready to embrace them when the right moment comes.

Balance is being able to focus on your breath for more than 15 seconds.

Balance is allowing yourself to cry, and then moving on to find out what made you cry in the first place. And learn with it.

Balance only exists in the present moment.

Balance is not a destination: it’s a process.

Balance is knowing where I am going.

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