Feminist Frequency and The Witcher 3
Adrian Chmielarz

Sorry, did we play the same game? I am about 60 hours in, and get the distinct feeling that the author ‘doth protest too much’. I don’t think it’s excessive to say Geralt is emotionally stunted — he is. It’s true that he cares about people. It’s also true that he doesn’t laugh or cry. He doesn’t display remorse or complex emotion much, possibly due to his voice actor’s sometimes wooden acting, more likely due to the choice of script.

As for the sexism in the game, we all know it’s there. Please don’t pretend it’s something it’s not. Sapkowski produced a world full of sexist behaviour, possibly based on his own worldview however unintentional, and the games reflect that. However the games are designed to cater to MODERN SOCIETY in order to make money for the company. Let’s not forget the bottom dollar is that the product (game) is being sold to today’s men and women, not Nilfgaardian assholes. That means the people involved have to have some responsibility for how they deliver the content. Nothing is presented by accident.

Having said that, there’s a difference between acknowledging the actual sexism and the sex itself. It’s a damned good game, and I have to say the devs seem to be maturing out of their awkward 14 year old boy stage. Having the discussion is a damned good idea too, because awareness and having the conversation is what ultimately helps produce a more responsible outcome.

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