10 things that happened when I went off the pill
Erica Avey

Hi Erica. Thanks for sharing your experience.

I have been on the pill for about 5–6 years. Like you, I don’t ever remember the exact time when I started taking it, I was around 22 yo, with a very bad “boyfriend”, completely careless about contraception. Instead of breaking up with him I decided to go on the pill to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Some years later I re-read the information leaflet and I realised it said to contact a doctor if while taking the pill you would develop an IBD (which is an inflammatory disease of your intestine). I had in fact developed an IBD but I never realised the things could be related. I had told my doctor that I was on the pill but he never suggested it could influence my disease.

In 2015 I decided to stop being on the pill. I’m not sure that’s the cause of my IBD, doctors don’t know its cause yet, but I feel for sure better without it. Safe birth control can be achieved with a condom and a brain — no absolute need of taking artificial hormones. Unlike you, without the pill I am perfectly healty and happy, but I feel that your problem has to be investigated better. If your normal hormones are unbalanced you should investigate why. Your truthful self is the one without the pill, and it has to be perfectly healty and happy, otherwise there’s something wrong. You should understand what it is and treat that, not just be blindly on the pill.

That’s my PoV, given my now chronic and not-ever-going-away disease. Give it a strong thought.