Stoycho Andreev
Mar 2, 2018 · 1 min read

Hey, thanks for sharing this.

I am sure you have putted great effort to write this article and the source code, but I don’t think this comparison is good enough, because you can have the same effect if you just include some library. What Flutter is doing here, is just to give you already defined UI component, something that you can get from libraries as well. Maybe for this exercise Flutter makes sense, but you have to share with the readers as well the final size of the application, how difficult is gonna be if you want to customize this UI component for iOS and for Android and have diff behavior and user experience on both platforms etc.

I know that everybody now is getting excited about Flutter, but together with the positive things we shouldn't forget to mention and measure the negative things, because this will make our researches much richer and useful.


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