They Can Leave the Church, But They Can’t Leave the Church Alone
Brie Sweetly

I cannot relate to this and not because I am a perfect cookie cutter Mormon but because I can’t relate to the feelings. now a little history. I am a convert, raised catholic and in another country so prejudices were not something I was raised with.

I was raised to live my life the best I can and not care about others. If I chose to take offense on everything the world and my ward say about me I’d jumped off a cliff by now. Choices.

I am a single mother of 4 and my ex who was a “ perfect Mormon” abused one of my kids. yet I forgave him and we have a good relationship today. The way the church handled my case left a lot to be desired but I don’t go to church because of its flawed members I go to church because I love the gospel and I believe in Christ.

People have the need to justify everything and everyone and that is impossible. The little girl who shared in testimony meeting that she was gay was out of line. Not because of what she feels but because of the venue she chose. Sacrament meeting is a centered in Christ meeting not a tell all pulpit. I am sure that if she had chosen a different way to do it it would have been better received.

I am always “judged” because I am not the typical needy single Mormon mom and I work full time and I have a career. My kids are often the kids who get to activities late or forget because they have a super busy mother. I don’t care. Let them talk. I am sure their opinion won’t count when I die and meet my Savior.

One other thing, when people continue to be hang up on something it means they have a problem letting go. If I make a choice and I am fully convinced and committed to it looking back is not something that happens. It is called accountability. If you chose the world life then go on and be happy. I lived 20 years in a “worldly life” and 20 years being a Mormon. Nothing has changed except my daily habits. I seldom talk about my catholic family who “judged” me when I desecrated them by joining the Mormons. So yeah it is possible to move on if you are fully convinced and happy with your choices. The question is. Are they?

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