December 2016: party!

With Christmas and New Year’s eve, understandably the month was dedicated mostly to partying with some awesome friends. :)

Goal #1: Achieve target weight of 90 kg.
Deadline: November 2017.
Status in the end of December: 106.3 kg. Ouch! Some weight piled on.
What did I do this month? I’ve been regular at the gym but some very bad colds and lots of eating obviously affected me.
How does it feel? Colds are still on — it seems like my immune system is still too weak for what turned out to be one of the coldest winters in Bulgaria over the past decade. I guess I’ll have to wait it out until it passes and do as much as I can in the meantime.

Tips you can steal:

  • Life happens. Sometimes things (such as the cold winter) happen and make us steer away from our goals for a bit. Just try your best and move on.
  • Relax. I could have eaten nothing but salads over the holidays but there’s no harm in letting your hair down once in a while. My instructor said so, so it should be true. :)

Goal #2: Get my next project (an online platform in Bulgarian where you can ask experts about stuff and get answers for free) off the ground.
Deadline: End of 2016. Launch in January 2017.
Status in the end of December: Final touches on the site and we’ll be ready to launch by the end of January.
What did I do this month? I mostly networked and invited even more experts. They’re a crucial part of what we do so I’m making sure we launch with the best people on board.
How does it feel? Even more exciting as we get closer to the launch date.

Tips you can steal:

  • Focus on what will be most important to your success. If you only have a little time to work (and let’s face it, who has a lot of free time?) make sure you’re focusing on the one thing which will bring you the most success.