January 2017: a great start of the year

After a month of partying, here comes a month dedicated to business and to serious progress. :)

Goal #1: Achieve target weight of 90 kg.
Deadline: November 2017.
Status in the end of January: 106.3 kg. Same weight but I’ve lost about 2 cm in each measurement (waist, shoulders, etc.) so I attribute that to muscle gain. Also, my insulin and blood sugar levels are getting better every time I test them — another good result this month.
What did I do this month? Still regular at the gym, increasing difficulty of my workouts and eating almost no sugar (only fruit 2–3 times a week).
How does it feel? Another bad cold but I recovered much more quickly this month. Things are improving every month and I can feel it.

Tips you can steal:

  • Progress happens slowly. You need to persist and not give up and things will have no choice but to work for the best sooner or later. :)

Goal #2: Get my next project (an online platform in Bulgarian where you can ask experts about stuff and get answers for free) off the ground.
Deadline: Launch in mid-February 2017.
Status in the end of January: An annoying bug in one of the features made us postpone the launch date but we’ve made enough progress to be sure we can launch in the middle of February.
What did I do this month? I worked hard with the rest of the team, making sure work is organized well, we’re focusing on what’s important for the launch and we’ll also have it announced as it should be.
How does it feel? Even more exciting — excitement grows every day. :)

Tips you can steal:

  • Good time management is crucial. Make sure that when you work in a team, you have someone to watch over the time you spend on each task and to organize it properly to make sure work doesn’t get stalled, and that the team is working on the most important things first.
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