Imagine that you and I are watching a play. An actor wearing a white shirt full of yellow stains, a faded pair of jeans, old shoes and no socks goes to the stage. His hair is untidy and he has a stubble beard look. Then, he glances at the audience and states: “I am the king!”

We will surely get surprised. A lot of doubts will rise. King? Is he a disguised king? Is he crazy? What kind of king?

Now suppose you and I are watching another play. An actor goes to the stage. He is neatly dressed, hair and beard are trimmed. He is wearing a brand new pair of shoes, black trousers, white shirt with some golden embroidering details, red cape, a scepter in his right hand and a crown on his head. We immediately think “He is the king, let’s see what this play is about.”

In a very stiff scenario, being competent is not enough, you also have to look like one. If you are not concerned about it, searching for a job may cause frustration and disappointment regarding your career.

It happens because sometimes the professional concentrates himself exclusively on his studies and technical knowledge. He thinks that the quality of his CV itself will guarantee his being chosen for the opening; he forgets that the way the recruiter perceives him has a strong impact on the decision.

The professional has to go the extra mile if he wants to get the job. He has to think about the kind of experience he causes on the ones responsible for the selecion processes.

In the plays I’ve mentioned above, the actor who is dressed as expected for his character wastes much less energy to prove who he is. The same happens in the corporate environment. Dressing, behaving and speaking according to your profession or position you are applying for are also reponsible for the image you want to convey.

This way, it’s advisable to show up for the job interview hiding your new tattoo if you’re applying for a manager position in a bank which is recognized for its tradition and seriousness. Likewise, don’t wear suit and tie for an interview in a company specializes in products for extreme sports.

You are free to choose whichever career you want to follow, but remember to well perform the role you’ve chosen. There may be moments that will prevent you from the life you want to have just because of the way you are. The good actor does not pretend to be a character, yet his interpretation is oustanding. He follows the script. He transforms the character. You have to transform yourself into the applicant you want to be.

Be a tough competitor when searching for a job. Know the company you want to work for. What is its culture? What is the position of the company in the market? Do you know anybody who got a job there? If so, which hints could he give you? Why are you the best option for the company?

Being competent is just the beginning of the journey: you have to take the position of those who have just the “package” and build a better one for yourself.

Let’s move on!

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Tradução por Lígia Velozo Crispino, fundadora e sócia-diretora daCompanhia de Idiomas e do ProfCerto.

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