How to Write a Post on Medium Using Your iPhone and iPad

I wrote this post directly on my iPhone and guess what? it’s just wonderful!

Silvio Gulizia

EDIT: this is an old post, the new app lets you publish via iDevice

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Are you willing to write or edit your new post on Medium via your mobile device? Here you go. I have just written this post on my iPhone and it is likely to work on your iPad and Android too.

Well, it is not so nice as writing on desktop, but it works. So, here’s my short guide:

  • grab Chrome app from the App Store;
  • go to and log in;
  • tap the button with three lines on the top right of the browser;
  • then scroll down till request desktop site and hit this option.

Chrome will reload Medium in the desktop mode and you will find in your sidebar option to create a new post.

What can you do and what you can’t? You will be able to format the text via iOS tool you use every day (just tap the arrow on the right after selecting the text you want to be bold, italics or underline). Link will be auto-created and break lines too.You will not be able to work with headings, writing will not be so smoothly as on desktop, but you will be able also to upload photos. This will works only for the cover. Forget about notes.

Indeed, you will not be able to publish the post, but the draft will be auto-saved.EDIT: on the iPad you can do it.

    Silvio Gulizia

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    I am writing. It will not make me rich, but it makes me happy.

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