Owen Jones At It Again, Again: The Left’s princeling or just a jobbing leftie writer?
Roger C.

“…it doesn’t seem to me as if he has particularly courted the role that appears to have been proscribed to him and for which he is subsequently criticised for.”
But he has.

He has been an active promoter of the People’s Assembly.

He has also willingly appeared as headliner on two Momentum emails.
The first, calling for Corbyn supporters to join Momentum, and the second quite recently, to advertise his anti-Trump rally to Momentum members and supporters.
Momentum supports Jeremy Corbyn. It was set up following Jeremy’s election as leader and (unless Lansman has decided to change things) still supports Corbyn.

As to the context of Jones’ statement that he would find it hard to vote for Corbyn…
I agree that this could have been misconstrued, but the article that Jones posted on Medium during the last leadership election was already showing his doubts about Corbyn’s leadership, so it is only to be expected that those who read that article are not particularly surprised to read this newer statement in the context the Standard has given it.

So, although I do agree that this interview had an agenda which could be picked apart, I’m not sure that in this case the picking apart will find much of a difference between the words and context attributed to Jones’ statement and the actual meaning.

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