Wake Up! Our NHS is under its biggest threat since it was founded!

On the BBC News at 1pm today we heard:

“NHS England have announced sweeping changes to the NHS, which they realise will be controversial”.

That is an understatement!

NHS England Spokesman, Stephen Dalton, talked of an increasing population with an increasing number of elderly patients.
But he then said “we need to deal with rising costs.”
Because, by 2020, there will be ‘a gap in funding’ of £22Billion.

Research by the Nuffield Trust has shown that plans to ‘bridge that funding gap’ will lead to the closure of whole hospitals, GP surgeries, and departments, and will mean that 20% of hospital beds will be lost.

Plans for this radical overhaul of our NHS will be approved by October this year. And only AFTER APPROVAL will there be ‘local engagement and public consultation’.
So one could say that we will be consulted on a done deal….?

As one member of the public interviewed said:
“If the population is increasing, why plan to spend less money?”

And that really sums things up.

Because we should be spending more money on our NHS, not less.

One could argue that the £22Billion is a drop in the ocean compared to the amount to be spent on the out-dated piece of junk that is Trident.
And they would be correct.

But one could also argue that this ‘politics of austerity’ (cut, cut, cut…) is totally flawed.
Austerity brings more austerity for the majority and more wealth for the wealthy. It really is that simple.

And who will benefit from these drastic cuts to our NHS?
The private financiers who already make huge profits from what should be a totally public system and who are already involved in private healthcare, private health system provision, and private health insurance…

It really is time that the population of the UK woke up!

We need to take our NHS back into full public ownership and accountablity and put a stop to all the money that is leeched out of our public service into the pockets of the wealthy.

There is no need for cuts to our NHS. But there is need for real and huge investment in the NHS, at all levels.

And there is no reason why that investment cannot occur. Once we get rid of the leeches who are draining the life blood out of our cherished free national health service.