Go For The Best Hiking Day Trails In Yukon, Canada To Experience Nature At Its Best

Canada is one country that is overlooked as a thrilling and one of the more affordable travel destinations around the globe. North Canada is renowned for its breathtaking views, mountainous ranges, amazing ski lodges, ski destinations and so on. Canada generally is known for the famous great lakes, cottage country, and winter beauty. It is home to famous spas and retreats, great outdoor adventures, superb natural resources and even a pseudo-desert in the Carcross regions of the Yukon.

Named after the Gwich’in First Nations’ word “Yuchoo” meaning the greatest river, the Yukon is a one-of-a-kind union of incredible geography, wildlife, history, mystery, and challenge — and one of the world’s great adventure-travel destinations. Yukon captures the hearts and imagination of travelers from everywhere.

It is the smallest of Canada’s three territories, but its land mass is quite large. Tall plateaus are also a common sight, dotted with alpine and sub-Arctic flora including more than 200 species of wildflowers. As it boasts some of the country’s most spectacular mountain vistas, you can actually experience the best hiking day trails in Yukon, Canada. For the hiker, the Tombstone Mountains are an obvious attraction. It offers a dramatic feast for eyes — a range of wind-whipped granite cathedrals are overshadowed by a towering 500-meter vertical face. In August, the wild terrain changes hues: summer’s green moss fades into vibrant shades of gold and orange, broken up by ripples of crimson and the occasional mountain lake. Whereas visiting Yukon in summer is the perfect way to get your dose of adventure and Vitamin D. In the land of the midnight sun, the skies are glorious and summer light just won’t quit.

Today’s Yukon travelers will find untouched wilderness made for exploring and festivals connecting to their welcoming people, all under hours of intense sunlight. At Yukon, you can experience endless vistas, millions of migratory birds and wildflowers in bloom. Here you can follow trails alive with stories, walk in the footsteps of legends, paddle mighty rivers, and when you realize it’s midnight, you realize it doesn’t matter.

Whether your dream is to ride a dogsled as the Aurora Borealis swirls overhead or take an outfitters floatplane to cabins on lakes hundreds of miles from the nearest road, you can do it in Yukon. Map out your dream holiday and drive through the most spectacular scenery on the planet and make sure you get to spend a hiking day trip in Yukon.

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