With surge in internet and smart phone penetration, it is for sure that we are soon going to witness a mobile revolution in this digital era. In today’s time use of mobile phone is at all time high and there is no sign of slow down. Whether it is about making a call or searching anything on internet, mobile phones are the first preferred choice of every age.

And, if we look at the figures, it is predicted that by 2020, there will be an equivalent of 1.5 mobile devices for every person in the world.

All this is fine, but you must be wondering how it will bring revolution in future? It is simple to answer, by mobile search marketing. For those who don’t know what mobile search marketing is, it is a way which is used to get information about products and services whether local or global.
Mobile is something which will bring a businessman close to its consumers. Apart from mobile -phones there are no other device that is as personal, as pervasive and provides the opportunity for proximity.

As marketers seek to understand and leverage a consumer’s path to purchase, mobile devices have the potential to be a tremendous enabler.


The mobile search marketing has a power to attract consumers towards the product in such way that it will remain a loyal customer for life.

If we go through a study of 2011, Americans spent 2.7 hours per day socializing on their mobile phones — more than twice the time they spent eating. 75 per cent of the globe now has a mobile phone offering access to developed markets as well as emerging regions.

As of 2016, marketers are spending a little over a billion dollars more on desktop advertising than on mobile advertising. Crossing this milestone would be more than mere symbolism it would indicate that marketers are not only embracing the app model, but also finding tremendous success in reaching the consumers on the small screen. The sector is expected to get a huge push in 2020.

This proves that mobile will truly enable marketers to connect at the right time, in the right place, with the right individual.

So, from the above explanation, we can figure out that the future is going to be crazy in terms of mobile search marketing as it is going to transform the way people market their product and hit their target customers.

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