A Midsummer Morning’s Dream

Thoughts about thinking from a train station platform

This week so far has been amazing.

I felt so good. I have been productive. I have felt creative. I started reading a new interesting book. I had interesting conversations. I found the time for a bit of proper relax with my girlfriend.

I feel incredible.

I was thinking this while I was waiting for my train this morning. I was there. Looking in the emptiness of a busy train station during the commuting hour. Everyone rushing. Everyone looking sad. Everyone looking like that was the last place on Earth they wanted to be at.

I was there. Feeling the warmth of a rare British Summer sunshine on my skin. Admiring the bluest of the skies. Completely absorbed by my thoughts, but at the same time totally conscious of my surroundings.

It felt so right.

I wasn’t looking at my phone. I wasn’t checking my email. I wasn’t listening to a podcast. I wasn’t reading my kindle. I wasn’t listening to some music. I was just lost in my thoughts.

I had forgotten about how nice it feels to let your thoughts run free. Let them take you on a journey with no clear destination, with no defined target. Just roam free. No agenda whatsoever. No unnecessary distractions. No worries. No stress.

Let Them Run Wild

My life tends to be fairly chaotic. I don’t like being idle, so I always try to be doing something. Be watching something. Be listening to something. I have a lot to do and even more things I would like to do. Time feels like the most important asset and you don’t want it to go to waste.

I would generally agree with it. Wasting time is something that doesn’t really belong to me. The thing is: you need to define what a waste of time is.

A waste of time is not progressing. Not adding anything to your persona. Not improving any of your skills. Not doing the best thing you could do at that precise moment.

You see, relaxing at the end of a busy day with your partner is not a waste of time. You are decompressing. Building fundamental interpersonal relationships. Unplugging from the daily grind. That to me doesn’t sound like a waste of time.

Spending your 20 minutes commute on a train checking Chloe Kardashian’s Instagram profile, to me that’s more a waste of time. You are not really adding any value to your existence. You could be reading a good book instead. Or listen to an inspiring podcast. Or having a meaningful phone call.

Or letting your thoughts run free.

There’s nothing wrong in taking some time to think. Some time to just be with yourself. Find a place that makes you at peace with the world and let your thought wander. Visit the deepest corners of your brain and your soul. Think about life. Think about whatever you want.

Take A Step Back

Sounds cliche, but we really tend to run and rush our whole life. We tend to oversee the beauty. We tend to forget too quickly about the struggles. We don’t appreciate the process. Slowing down is good for you. Slowing down is the only way to appreciate the complexity, the beauty, the magic of our lives.

Stepping back and looking at our life with from a slightly different perspective. Allow ourselves with some time to ponder, evaluate, discover stuff. Without any kind of pressure or plan. That’s something we forget too often to do.

When you are too busy to slow down you tend to lose perspective. You see things from the inside and everything can get blurry. It gets hard to understand what’s going on. What you have achieved. What you want to go. You lose track and struggle to keep the focus on the things that matter for real.

This is true for every aspect of our lives. Work. Love. Family.

I know it’s easier said than done. Getting sucked back into the day-to-day blur can be quite easy. The thought of stopping and having a moment just to think can be hard to conceive.

I am guilty of getting too stressed. Of getting too emotionally involved. Of losing perspective. I have no problem admitting it.

I know it’s not always the best option. Moments of absolute peace, like the one I have experienced this morning standing on that platform, serve me as a reminder. That sometimes you need to slow down and feel as if it’s always a mid-summer morning. With a warm sun kissing your skin. With a blue sky serving as the most beautiful backdrop in the world.

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