Be Different. Be Weird. Be Yourself

Discovering How To Pave Your Own Path

Life in this age is brutal.

Social media make us feel like we have to appear. Like we have to take part to a game where you must showcase everything you do in your life. Where your life must always look incredible. Always interesting. We do things in order to gather likes, but likes are just bits on a screen, not real-life interactions.

People race every day to prove their life is better than anyone else’s. To prove that they are different. Alternative. Unique.

What they don’t understand is that they are achieving the exact opposite.

Being always exposed to others through social media makes us act in a way that we think we make us conform. We act to be accepted more than acting to be ourselves.

Trying with all our strength to be accepted is in our nature. It’s in our genes. It’s in our tribal origin (this is a brilliant post on the topic). Social media just amplified it a lot. Social media made being different, being pointed as the different one a fear in us. To avoid the public shaming we tend to just go with the flow. Conform with our peers, not trying to stand out. Just trying to fit in.

We are in danger. Our deepest ideas, feelings and beliefs we have in our souls are in serious danger. These are the things that make us unique. These are the things that can spark a discussion. These are the things that can make us interesting. If we don’t let them free. If we don’t work on them. If we don’t give them love and attention, like plants, they will die. Slowly but surely.

Too often we give up all these things to feel accepted. We prefer being integrated into a larger group. It’s the safe option. We’d rather be a sheep in a herd than solitary wolves.
This is a problem that will cripple our society. We live in an era of endless opportunities. An era where the Internet allows everyone to speak is own language. To express its own ideas. To be himself.

A lot of people my age prefer not expose themselves. They are scared of being put under scrutiny by their peers. They are afraid of not fitting into the most commonly accepted social schemes.

All of us have this kind of issues to some degree. Nobody likes to be pointed as different. Nobody likes to emargination. It takes a lot to understand that being different is the true extra value you have.

Standing out from the crowd is your only hope to have an impact on your life.

Not being true to yourself just leads to unhappiness. It leads to a sense of unfulfillment and pain that will eventually tame the fire you have inside. It feels like being trapped in a body that’s not yours.

You have to be true to yourself to experience any kind of happiness. A lot of the times we are the biggest obstacle to our own happiness, but life is short. There’s no point in wasting it doing something we don’t want, just to fit in.

Being yourself is the biggest goal you can have. Work on it with all your strength. That is the starting and finishing point. It’s the key that will allow you to open the most amazing and unexpected doors.

For every one of us, the sky is the limit. The rest are just excuses we make up to fit in more comfortably.

Be different. Be weird. Be yourself.

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