Fighting My Nemesis. Daily.

Doing my best to live a stress-free life

Every morning I wake up with one single goal.
Go to bed having zero regrets.

I don’t want to lay restless on my bed thinking about what I could have done. Wondering about what my actions in the present will mean in the future. Worrying about having wasted forever one of my days on this planet.

Regrets are the biggest poison for our existence. They sneakily wander in your subconscious. They start influencing your actions and have a say in your decisions.

The biggest risk is changing the way you think and the way you act because of your regrets. You have one life and you can’t afford that.

Dead Weight

Every single action I take and decision I make I keep this mantra in my mind. How should I act so I won’t have any regrets?

Life can be tough and complicated as it is. I don’t need any other factors making it harder. The ultimate goal is to reduce the distractions as much as possible. Take advantage of my strengths. Minimise my weaknesses impact.

Regrets are just a dead weight. They wrap around your consciousness and make you hesitate over every single step you want to take. They darken your mind and drag you down. They deceive you. They make you lose focus. They make you think about what it was and at what it could have been.

Complete nonsense.

Happiness is found in fully living the moment. Regrets are your biggest enemy. They remind you of a past that doesn’t exist anymore and they make you wonder about a future that will never happen.

Regrets will waste your time and distract you from what really matters. That’s why I strive to reduce my regrets as much as I can. That’s why I aim to end my day with no regrets at all.

Starts With You

In order to achieve a regret-free life, my recipe is simple.

Always do my best. Always take my decisions with the purest intentions. Always try to be the best human being I can, in every situation.

I face every obstacle and every decision with my chin up. I know that the only thing that I can really control is my effort. If I do my best and don’t leave anything on the table at the end of the day. At that point, the room for regrets shrinks drastically down.

I try to apply this concept not only in terms of productivity but also in terms of intentions. Trying to be a good human being. Trying to always do the right thing. That’s a bulletproof method to suppress regrets. I can’t possibly regret something if I know that I did the right thing. If I don’t have anything to hide and to be ashamed of.

Trying to sweep all the regrets away takes a lot of practice. Takes a lot of willingness. Sometimes it would be simpler to find excuses, to not be completely sincere with yourself and take the easiest road. That’s how you meet regrets on your path.

I Am Up For A Fight

I am not perfect. I am not a Zen master. I am just a normal dude.

I am fairly sensitive and this sometimes causes me to stress and struggle with anxiety. Sometimes I manage to use it as an advantage, sometimes I just need to acknowledge my flaws.

Having regrets doesn’t help me. Not sleeping because something I did — or even worse, something I didn’t do. I can do without all of that.

Takes practice. Takes courage. Takes strength.

I am not sure I have them all, but what can I do? Give up? Not a chance.

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