How Blogging Saved My Life

My mood in the past days has been awful.

I hate feeling miserable. I become an annoying person to be with and I really don’t like it.

When I am in this mood, I start question everything about my life. The problem is that I see everything under a negative light. I hate this.

It feels like a big light that goes off in my mind. I see everything dark and scary. Even the small things project long and creepy shadows. That’s not good at all.

I have always found writing quite therapeutic. Putting down quick notes helps me to overcome the confusion in my head. The bad thoughts on paper lose strength, they become just words. I am good dealing with words.

This time was different. I had a complete block. Couldn’t write at all.

Having started this blog, writing started being part of my daily routine. What I publish it’s just a small fraction of what I write, but even just thinking about topics to cover helped me a lot. Made me feel alive and useful.

Over Easter I have lost a bit my routine. Unfortunately, this coincided with one of these pretty low moments.

I have started questioning everything. Am I the person I want to be? Am I even barely interesting? Do people think I am lame?

At the lowest moment I even thought about stripping my life to basics. Stop blogging. Stop experimenting. Just wake up, do my job as well as I could, wait for the evenings and the weekend to have some relax. A classic 9–5 job with no over thinking involved.

It would be easier. It would be less painful. But that’s not me.

I am struggling to write this post. I am not liking it at all, but I really need it.

Only the idea of writing again cheered me up a bit. Slowly the words are coming out and it’s getting easier and easier.

Blogging is keeping my mind on the edge. It’s pure training. It’s an addiction.

I have looked at blogging with marketing eyes too much. I don’t care if no one will read it. I don’t care at all what people will think about me.

I just want to pay less attention to stats and numbers. I am afraid I will lose the pleasure of writing.

I am not saying that if you want to start doing something you shouldn’t care about having any profit from it. My point is that without really caring and enjoying what you are doing you will never have profit anyway.

Find out what you love doing. Do it. Do it the best you can. Enjoy every single moment while you are doing. Whatever you decide to do, it needs to give you strength and motivation. If it doesn’t, it’s not the right thing for you or you are taking too seriously.

Blogging is keeping me out of my low moments. Writing is a creative outlet that allows me to be free. I can say whatever and forget about everything else which is dragging me down.

A stressful day at work. My family far away from me. The everyday struggles everyone of us has. While I am writing I forget everything. After I wrote I feel regenerated. I feel a new person.

Blogging might have not saved my life literally, but it made my life a way better place.

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