I Have Found What True Success Means

Discovering My Real Motivation

Have you ever laughed so hard it was painful?

Have you ever felt completely comfortable acting silly with someone?

Have you ever felt that home was right there, inside those four walls, no matter what was going on outside?

Have you ever felt so at peace with someone, that the surroundings were irrelevant?

Luckily enough I have.

I live for those moments. Those instants of absolute peace of mind. Where no external factor matters. It’s just pure, crystalline happiness.

I actually think that those moments are the true essence of what’s worth living for.

Think about it. What’s more important than a moment of joy with the person you love? What’s more important than creating a memory with your family? What’s more important than feeling a true bond with a friend?

I am the luckiest person on Earth.

I have love. I have friends. I have a family.

Nothing else matters at that point.

What A Waste

It’s easy to get absorbed by life. By work.

Sometimes we just find ourselves in a vicious circle. We think that happiness is related to success. We have no problem in trading the happiness of the moment for the possible happiness in the future.

There are a couple of things that don’t work here.

  • You are trading your happiness for a massive question mark. Future success is even hard to define. Good luck achieving it. How much money do you have to earn to be happy? How much stuff do you need to own? How many years do you have to live being miserable?
  • Even reaching what you define as success, does it bring to you real happiness? You are tying your most precious feeling to material things. Things come and go, they are the least real thing in the world.

Let me be straightforward here. I am not perfect. A lot of times I struggle to see the happiness around myself too. Sometimes I get stressed. Sometimes I wish I was more successful. Sometimes I wish my dreams were already true.

I forget the most important thing.

I am actually enjoying a lot the journey. There’s no point in stressing out. Every day is a potentially incredible day. I know for a fact that I can find moments of the purest joy in every single day of my life.

Happiness is around me. Every single minute of my life. There’s too little time to waste it. I want to sit at this table and stuff my face with happiness.

My Fire

Sometimes I wonder if I am a hypocrite.

I do believe in the happiness of the moment. In the bliss of the simple things.

At the same time, I work as hard as I can. Dreaming big. I spend the majority of my life in my office or thinking about work. The moments I cherish the most are outside work. But it would be wrong saying that I don’t love what I do. Every single moment.

Is it selfishness? Is it lack of depth?

True happiness and the manic search for success don’t seem to go well together. They seem to be opposites.

I do think that these can be two faces of the same coin.

The happiness of the dearest people I have is the most important thing for me. I think that the purest moments of joy for me are those instants when I see happiness in the people I love. I live for that glee on their faces.

I try to give the best life I can to the people around me. I really do. They are my biggest motivation. I want to be successful enough so I can spend as much time as I want with the people I love. I want to be successful enough so people around me won’t need to worry about anything.

The Balance

I am lucky enough that I love what I do. I find happiness even working as hard as I can.

The most important thing is finding the right balance. I don’t want to neglect my family and friend because I am working too hard. Every moment I miss it’s a moment gone. Forever.

I want to be able to fully live both sides of my life. The professional one makes me feel useful, fulfilled. The personal one makes me feel at peace with the world.

These are the two souls that live in me. These are the two energies that constantly lit me up from the inside. You can’t even imagine the energy they give me.

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