A blank notebook. The beginning of everything.

Lies, Paper and Coffee

How a simple little habit has a massive impact on my life

I am a liar.

I have started my 30-day blog challenge and I have already lied. In the very first post. On day one.

The whole post was built around one single concept. My lack of writing in the past months. That’s why I decided to force myself. That’s why I started this journey.

The fact is that I do write. I write almost every single day.

I haven’t blogged for months. That’s true. But journaling is the most important part of my morning routine. It’s become such a habit that I didn’t realise how much I actually write daily.

Coffee and Ink

Every morning, the first thing I do is try to find 10–15 minutes to write in my journals. Usually drinking a cup of pretty bad coffee.
At the moment, I write in two separate journals.

The first one is a Standard Memorandum. It’s basically a small diary which allows me to log what I did during every day of the year. The aim is to have a brief record of your year in those pages and I love the concept.
The second is a more classic journal. I just try to write a page or two in a pocket notebook. No structure at all. Everything that pops into my mind. Thoughts, plans, things that are happening around me.

Every morning I fill up pages with scribbles that barely mean anything. Writing a masterpiece is not the goal here. I will probably never read them again in my life and they are strictly off-limits to anybody around me. The process of writing is the important thing, not the outcome itself.

The feeling of emptying my mind from stress and frustrations is priceless. I often compare this ritual to meditation. It’s different because I encourage my thoughts to flow her. At the same time, it helps me to overcome anxiety and confusion.

Writing is by far the best method I’ve found to find clarity in the mess of my thoughts.

Writing. Not typing.

That’s crucial.

Paper and Dreams

A distinction between writing and typing has to be made.

Using pen and paper is a completely different experience. Looking at the ink on a once-empty page becomes a ritual.

When you write you have to think of every word, every letter you are actually composing. Every single stroke is meaningful. That’s something you will never experience typing. It’s a level of intimacy you can’t even dream of using a machine.

This is why I always carry with me a pocket notebook and a pen. This is why my desk is covered with different notebooks, different pens, different pencils.

My medium of choice is writing. I give my ideas the shape of words. Someone else might prefer doodling or write different types of notes. That’s where the beauty of pen and paper lies in.

It’s democratic. It’s freedom.

A lot of my notes are about my dreams, my hopes, my plans. Some of them will never come true. Some will. Others already did.

I see those pieces of paper as the start of an adventure. The start of a journey. The material shape of dreams.

It’s up to you

Grab a pocket notebook. Grab a pen. Start writing the beginning of your story. Write down the things you want to achieve. The things you dream of. Use that piece of paper as your trampoline towards something bigger.

Every great adventure starts with a small step. Take this step.
Pen and paper are such simple tools. At the same time, they brought me so many benefits. Give them a shot.

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