Sometimes, You Just Need To Reset

How To Deal With Your Bad Days

Some days I feel low. I feel like an empty shell.

I always try to be as intense as possible in everything I do. The downside is that sometimes I get super tired. Super grumpy.

I suppose it’s just a normal feeling. Not every day is the same. Life is full of highs and lows. The difference is made by how we handle them.

My bad days are usually when I feel low on energy. I just get really lethargic and unproductive. My mood gets pretty bad and everything seems to be an issue.

In these situations, I tend to see everything under a dark, pessimistic light. I hate that. It gives me no perspective. It doesn’t allow me to take the best decisions. It makes being around me a nightmare.

You can see why solving, or at least limiting this problem is always in my mind.

Need To Reset

In the worst days. In the worst moments of the worst days what I need is a reset. It’s a way to tell my body and my mind that I am the one in control. Always.

I have noticed that for me the best reset switch is running and having a shower. I was quite comforted when I’ve heard Tony Robbins agreeing with me. Saying that when he struggles he either exercise or has an ice bath. I can relate to that.

His explanation was simple. A hot or cold shock to the body helps it to reset. It helps the mind to get back on track and start working again as it’s supposed to.

I must say that I completely agree. I don’t know much about cryotherapy, but I do go for a run as often as I can.

Let me be straight. I don’t enjoy running that much. I find it boring, painful, uncomfortable. At the same time, every time I manage to force myself to go for a run I see the results.

I don’t usually run a lot. I definitely don’t run fast. But in that half an hour my brain gets cleared. I get home. Have a shower and all the thoughts that were bothering me are gone.

I have been running for the majority of the summer now. Things are getting better and better.

Running is becoming less painful. More enjoyable. I am almost surprised at myself. I am actually getting to like the whole running thing.

Health Is Top Priority

I do believe in running. I believe that having a healthy life in general is massively important to control my mood swings. To avoid bad days as much as possible.

Exercising. Eating decently. Sleeping. They’re all part of the equation for a more serene life.

Romans used to say Mens sana in corpore sano (Healthy mind in a healthy body). I think it’s quite a trite concept, but I do believe in it.

How can your mind work at its full capabilities if you feel crap? If your body is not following it?

For too long I haven’t been exercising regularly. I haven’t been eating decently. I have neglected my sleep. Maybe I am just getting old. But I do believe that all these aspects have a massive influence on our mental well-being.

I might have come to this conclusion too late to be considered a well-being example. This doesn’t mean I am too late to start taking better care of myself.

I don’t believe in radical changes in life. I do believe in small steps. Adding small habits gradually. Lining up small steps in order to achieve big results. In order to see big changes.

Step By Step

I cannot be taken as an example. Not at all. I cannot be considered a fit, healthy example to follow. In any way.

I try to do my best. I am trying to improve and to make a difference. I can expose my weaknesses and hope that I will solve them.

I have started exercising. I am back at writing. I try to limit the crap I eat. I sleep 8/9 hours per night. I want to get back into meditation. I want to read more.

Small things. Small changes. Small sacrifices.

Hopefully, I’ll see big results.

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