Taking Some Time Off?

Building A Competitive Advantage During Holidays

The town is deserted.

It’s just me and James around this morning. It’s summer bank holiday here in the UK. Nobody is working today.

The occasional tourists are still in bed. The majority of shops still closed. The weather is grey and foggy. Summer seems already gone.

It’s just the two of us. Locked in an office. Hustling.

This happens every single bank holiday. I’d say that working on bank holidays is our very favourite time. We did great things on these weird Mondays in the past.

We love working while everybody’s off. You should too.

Our Office Is Our Sanctuary

Working on bank holidays is awesome.

The town is super quiet. The building we have our office in it’s dead. There are no deliveries, calls or interruptions.

We can just focus and crack on.

In the past, we had 12-hour long brainstorming sessions. We managed to build and launch whole businesses in days like this. We planned incredibly complicated campaigns in one single day.

All thanks to the peace that surrounds a little town in Devon during a bank holiday.

You see, sometimes you get just caught up with so much stuff it’s hard to focus. On a normal working day, there are clients calling, people dropping by the office, accountancy.

Today there’s no such thing as a distraction.

Today it’s just the two of us and our projects. Face to face. Ready to make something awesome happen.

The Competitive Advantage

You see. If you are truly driven. If you are truly in love with what you are doing, working while everybody else is on holiday is not a problem.

It’s an advantage.

Everybody else is enjoying a picnic or a long weekend by the sea. We are planning our next moves. Building assets to be ready. Keeping the flow going.

While everybody is unplugging we are getting ready for the busiest season of the year. While everybody is relaxing at home, watching telly, we are making plans that will bring us cash in the next months.

We are generating competitive advantage.

A lot of components influence the success of a business venture. Skills, timing, effort.

There might be someone that is more skilled than us. There might be someone that nails the timing in a better way than us. But we don’t even want to take in consideration failing because someone worked harder than us.

We put the effort in. Always.

Majority of people see summer as a moment to wind down and enjoy life. We see it as the perfect moment to kick some asses and get ready for the autumn/winter season.

There would be no point in wasting the opportunity to make steps forward. We have dreams we want to achieve. We have ambitions we want to fulfil.

There’s no such thing as a bank holiday if you have that fire inside you.

It’s Not Work. It’s Our Passion

My situation is a bit easier. My girlfriend works during the weekends and holidays, so coming to the office is less of a sacrifice for me.

The point is another, though. If you really want something as bad as we do. If you really love what you do as we do. If you are so obsessed as we are. There is no point in wasting an opportunity like this.

We would end up talking about work all day anyway. Like every single weekend. This is our life. There’s no time off. Just a constant grind to get one step closer to our goals.

This wasn’t intended as a rant. This wasn’t intended as a brag. It’s just the way we are.

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