The Inspiration Affaire

A story of love and drama

Inspiration is my biggest fear. It’s my biggest enemy. It’s the factor I need to flirt with. Every day.

When I started my 30-day blogging challenge, my biggest worry was being able to find something to write about every single day.

This should be the place where I say that’s not a problem at all. That the inspiration strikes every day and makes my writing feel effortless and pleasant.

Well, it’s not.

Writing is excruciating and painful. Everyday. It makes me dig deep into my feelings. Into my experiences. Into my life.

At the same time, writing is liberating. It’s a sort of therapy that keeps me aware of the most sensitive spots of my soul.

The Everyday Struggle

Every single day, the idea of finding something to write about torments me. I feel weird and uneasy until I get hit by some kind of idea I can transpose into a blog post.

The process sometimes is pure intuition. An idea sparks in my mind and the words start to pour out from my fingers to my screen.

Sometimes it takes me the majority of the day. It takes an incredible amount of emotional energy to find something I want to talk about.

The fact is that I try to put my real self into my posts. I try to expose my inner thoughts, fears, motivations. I try to shape them up into blog posts. That’s my only way of expressing them.

I do think that this is inspiration.

Inspiration is being connected with your deepest emotions. Being able to spot them and make use of them.

Often I picture my feelings and emotions as a very thin fog inside my head. A lot of concepts are there. Floating around and making sense only to me. In this state, they are of no use whatsoever.

This is where inspiration kicks in. This is where my mind manages to shape that fog in something more concrete. A logic thought. An argumentation. A post.

The Inspiration Muscle

It’s been just a week since I have started forcing myself to write every single day. It’s not much, but this is my eighth post in a row.

It means that for eight days in a row I managed to come up with something. For eight days in a row, I managed to get inspired and produce something tangible like a blog post.

Sometimes the outcome is not brilliant. Some posts feel like never-ending rants without an actual thread to follow. Other posts came out exactly as I wanted. It’s all a learning process.

After only eight days there one thing I am absolutely certain of, though. My inspiration and creation process has improved immensely.

Coming up with an idea is less painful. I can spot connections and thoughts that I can shape into a blog post way more easily than a week ago.

This makes me think that inspiration is something that can be trained.

James Altucher always talks about the concept of idea muscle. I suppose that there must be a similar process that you can call inspiration muscle if you want.

Coming up with creative concepts is hard, but if you force yourself. If you stick to it. If you are consistent with your effort. If you really want it, you can get better at it.

Eyes On The Target

Inspiration is, at the same time, my fiercest enemy and my sweetest lover.

I have to flirt with it. I have to fight against it. Every single day.

I think that writing every day, being consistent with my effort is helping me dominating it. Finding the balance I need.

This wouldn’t work for everybody. This is a very personal approach, but this is what is working for me.

I am training my inspiration muscle to be a well-oiled, efficient machine. The process will be long. The road will be bumpy and will have plenty of bends. But I really want this.

I want to be able to be connected with the inner part of my mind. I want that connection to produce useful creations. If this inspires someone else even better.

Every time I finish a post I feel incredibly well. I can’t really explain the feeling. It’s like a massive weight lifted from my shoulders. I can’t get enough of this.

I do think that you should give a real shot to this.

Write. Create. Inspire.

This is day #8 of my daily blogging challenge. Yesterday’s post was:

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