The Most Important Skill

How To Avoid Stressing Out Too Much

I wish it was already Monday.

Don’t get me wrong. Weekends are good. They are necessary to slow down. To recharge.

This week is different, though. We are working on some pretty exciting stuff. We are planning some new campaigns. Thinking about some new products.

The weekend is just an unwanted break. We decided to wait the beginning of next week to pull the trigger on some campaigns. Waiting is proving to be nerve-wracking.

Patience is not always my best skill.

The Impatience Age

Patience is hard to master.

Patience is a fundamental skill you need to have in life. Even more, if you have your own business.

I wasn’t born for being a so-called entrepreneur. I am not even sure I am an entrepreneur. But having my own business taught me one priceless lesson.

Nothing happens overnight. Nothing happens magically.

Ok, maybe those are two lessons, but they are two faces of the same coin.

Bear with me here. Business is just a subset of life. I’ve found that many lessons I’ve learned in business can be applied to life in general. The need for patience is one of those.

You see, patience is an underestimated skill nowadays.

Our attention span is limited to 30 seconds of video on Snapchat. We can’t wait more than one day for our orders online (thanks, Amazon Prime). We can even wait for our favourite show to be broadcasted on the telly. We just watch it on Netflix.

In business, the scenario is pretty similar. I get bombarded every single day with the latest course on how to make money quickly. The trend of the moment is trying to create a passive business that generates money while you sleep.

Everybody is selling the dream. Make money quickly. Without much effort.

I have learned that this is just a mirage. Something that generally speaking, doesn’t exist. There are exceptions, but this is not a sustainable model for the masses.

In this frenzy, impatient world, patience is a precious skill to master. Whether you are in business or not. Patience is becoming a necessary life skill.

I am talking about putting the effort in daily. About not giving up. Ever.

I have learned on my skin that being consistent can take you a very long way. Just do something every day with passion, with time you’ll see some kind of result. It’s guaranteed.

Loving The Journey

Sometimes the results we’ll achieve won’t match the goals we had. That’s completely normal. Being patient doesn’t mean being stubborn. It means not freaking out during the journey. It means being open to new goals, new perspectives, new achievements.

I started my career as a web developer. I was averagely talented. I loved it, but deep inside me, I knew that wasn’t the career I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Coincidentally the company I was doing an internship for pivoted towards SEO and marketing. I never thought about that career, but I decided to give it a shot. I studied as hard as I could. Learned a ton of new skills. Progressed in the company becoming a director and co-owner.

This process took years. It didn’t finish there. It’s still in place.

The trends change. Internet marketing has become almost a synonym for Social Media Marketing. That’s something that suits me well. That challenges me every single day. I love it and I am working to become the best social media marketer I can be.

My goals changed. My journey has taken a lot of diversions. But here I am. Incredibly happy with the time and moment I am living in. Open to see what the future holds.

Don’t worry. You’ll Get There

Somewhere I’ve read that humans overestimate what they can achieve in one year. At the same time they, underestimate what they can achieve in ten years.

I couldn’t agree more. We live with the fear of missing out. With the fear of wasting our time. Not enjoy our journey at all.

Every chapter of our life is a long, intricate adventure. Let’s just enjoy it without putting unnecessary pressure on it.

Put the time in. Put the effort in. Things will eventually fall into place.

This is the simplest, but the most effective advice I can give you. It’s the same advice I have to give myself every single day.

Be patient.

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