Why Writing Every Day Changed My Life

The End Of A Chapter

I did it.

30 posts in 30 days.

I have, to be honest. I didn’t believe I could do it. Writing every single day for a month is a massive effort. Especially in the last month.

Between long days at work and travel, sometimes writing has been really hard. Just finding an hour to focus or an internet connection decent enough to post sometimes it’s been a mission.

But I am here. With over 30 posts under my belt. In a completely different place since I started.

Writing every day helped me a lot in terms of getting things done. No tinkering. No doubts. Just crack on with my post. Get an idea, work on it, write it down.

Not much more involved.

The effort involved in the writing process has gone considerably down. The first couple of posts have been painful to write. Now it’s just a matter of sitting down for 30–40 minutes in front of my laptop.

The daily deadline is a cruel enemy. Sometimes it’s hard to face, but at the end of the day, I must say it helped me a lot. It forced me to write. It forced me to post. It forced me to be productive with my day and find some time to write.

Writing every day built a habit. Made writing part of my life again and gave a bit more structure to my days.

My brain feels wired differently now. More sensitive to ideas, more in tune with my thoughts and ideas.

Having to write this often, I ended up thinking a lot more. I ended up gaining depth and focus. I make connections in a much easier way. Everything around me is a potential spark of inspiration for a post.

I just feel my mind working in a smooth, sharp, efficient way. More than ever. I love this feeling.

A problem that I’ve had writing every day is the quality of the posts.

It’s hard to keep the quality high every single day. Especially with my standards. Sometimes I wasn’t super happy with the outcome, but I didn’t have energy or time to rewrite it.

I learned to embrace my imperfections. Some posts felt great. Some posts felt ok. Some posts were crap.

The bizarre thing is that some posts I really liked, haven’t been received as well as some posts I really loathed. I guess that taste in writing is a subjective matter.

During the whole experiment, I have done my best to not be enslaved to the analytics for my posts. I almost never checked them.

Today the results look overwhelming. I didn’t think that these many people were reading me. I didn’t realise it.

Maybe I could have done more in terms of distribution on social media. Probably I could have done better in terms of outreaching. In terms of building an even bigger follower count.

I didn’t care. I really don’t care.

I decided to not look at the numbers to not spoil the fun. To not get influenced by a mere number. Writing has been the main focus. Writing has been a lot of fun.

In just 30 days I have seen my style change. My words come out in different ways. I have seen the influences of what I was reading or watching in my writing.

I have learned that style is, and will always be, a work in progress. A process that will never stop.

I can’t wait to get inspired by better writers and communicators than me. I can’t wait to evolve my style to something new. Something better.

In the past 30 days, a lot of friends and family encouraged me. Made me loads of compliments. This has been very important for me. It gave me a reason to crack on with the next post. To hit that publish button.

Feeling people around me interested in what I was doing has been refreshing. It’s given me a massive amount of energy and serenity.

Daily writing helped me making some order in my thoughts. Understanding better who I am and understanding better the power of communication. The power of open up with people.

This might sound selfish. I have written for myself. I have written trying to find my voice. My dimension.

I hope that in the process I have inspired someone. I got tweets and comments of people telling me how they appreciated my positive messages. How they appreciated what I had to say.

Those messages made my day.

A Massive Thank You

At this point, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know what I want to do.

I know that I will continue writing. I am not sure I want to write every single day. I see that not having days off tends to dry out my inspiration. Some posts become a bit forced.

This has been a blast. It’s been hard work, but every day has been a new adventure. A new discovery.

Thank you if you read me. Thank you if you will continue reading me. Thank you if you spent even just one single second on my work.

Thank you.

Today finishes a chapter. Tomorrow starts a new one.

This is day #30 of my daily blogging challenge. Yesterday’s post was:​​

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