One Week. One Film. One Global Audience.

By Erinn Sullivan

For the past five years, we’ve screened SIMA juried films in communities and classrooms across six continents and witnessed an increasing demand to use the inspirational force of documentary filmmaking to build a global digital community around today’s most pressing issues.

With access to the best global impact cinema from over 140 countries each year, and a global network of audiences, filmmakers, influencers, students and changemakers in 26 countries, SIMA RAMA was born to meet this demand and find the answer to the following question: What if people around the world saw the same documentary each month and crowdsourced solutions for the social issue it illuminates?

We’re about to find out.

SIMA RAMA is a subscription-based monthly digital film club for bold, beautiful and award-winning impact cinema where members connect directly with creators, experts, live forums and curated actions. We believe in the power of obsessive curation, mind-blowing filmmaking, and community activism — so every month we share one stunning impact documentary, present creative and pragmatic ways to get involved, host a live panel, a global forum — and let the magic happen.

We are so excited to share this with you–our audience..our inspiration–and we hope that you’ll join us in building a global take-action database rooted in beautiful impact-storytelling.

First Screening: APRIL 2–9, 2017 | ELEMENTAL

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