Abdul satar edhi was the great humanitarian,who believes on different principles of progress like Amal,Khudi and sabeer-e-jameel etc.He did a lot of great work in his life,if i will share all those then it will take huge time that’s why i want to share an example from his life that based on his principle of Amal.

As he believed on Amal, he always said that try to apply the rule of “JUST START” in your life because if you want to start from bigger then its means that you actually don’t want to start.So always start from the short beginings.As he started working for the humans when he was too younger.Her mother gave him packets of food in which not so much food was present but they believed that “Something is better than nothing”.He distributed that food among the poor people or his relatives who can not afford food to eat.

He started from the small begining and had trust on that when you gave something to other then your left hand doesn’t know what the right hand given.Her mother also gave him packets that had money to deliver to the poor human beings.He used his mind ,knocked the door,put the packet in front of the door,and ran out before someone came out,from the house.He just did this to save the people from embarrasment.He tried his best to provide comforts to the poor.He gave priority to the social work and served many ill people during their illness.

Providing food to the children
Great humanitarian

I have learned a lot of things from this like we should start from short beginnings. Not always wait for the right time,just take the moment and make it right.Also have faith in Amal or action not only words thats necessary for our life success or helpful in getting goals.

Initiative is the best part of life

Many things in our life from which we feel fear.Whenever we talk about those things we feel uncomfortable.Actually all of us have the fear of unknown,the fear of those things, about which we think that if these happen in our life so what is the next???So we should try our best to overcome our fears of life by going through those fears.

The fear i have had in my life is the fear of interview.I thought that it is very difficult to give interview or to answer the questions of the interviewer.I thought it difficult like to cross the huge mountain.I have already tried it in my life that was a good experience but even though i think that its a great fear of my life.

We should fight with our fears of life because in that way we can get easy life,for example if a person have a fear of rejection then he will not even take start of the action .But if we dnt take actions then how will we reduce our fears ,so,in order to overcome we must pass through that situation or to understand that situation of life.

In this week i tried my best to fight with this fear.To fight this i have to go through from the whole procedure of application for the job,go for the interview and give the interview without any fear or hesitation.So i did the same.I applied for three or four job on mustakbil.com.And start waiting of the call from any of the company because the main purpose is to give interview not the selection for the job.Finally on tuesday morning i get a call from a company for the interview. As i have already decided to go for the interview.so on Thursday morning i went for the interview ,i was very nervous,but the main thing in my mind was “Just do it,Yes you can do it”.

Finally they called me inside,my heart was just like pounding outside but at the door i took a long breath and entered the room,i sat on the chair and when they asked my name,i felt that everything is normal now,no fear is left, i answered all the questions confidently.And the real happiness is i have selected for the post i have applied for.I am so much happy because of this exercise i am able to reduce one of my fear of life.

I learned from this experience is something about confidence on yourself and Allah Almighty.If you have confidence on yourself then you can achieve your goals according to your desire and if you feel fear from something then try it not from tomorrow but from today.


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