Banarasi sarees that will intensify your closet

Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi sarees are extremely classy and elegant, and not a single women would look unappealing after she has perfectly draped herself in an authentic Banarasi saree. Banarasi sarees are pretty popular throughout the world because of its intricate weaving. Though these sarees belong to the pious city of Banaras, it is more famous among the Bengalis than the Banarasis because more than half of the Bengali brides prefer wearing Banarasi sarees on their wedding and reception day. These sarees have unique embroidery (both hand-weaved and machine made) that make them the first choice of every customer who plans to visit a ceremony or a grand party, or is about to tie a knot. But, did you know that these sarees are segregated according to the embroidery done on them? Banarasi sarees are divided into different categories according to the embroidery work done on it. If you are unaware about that, then here are the different types of banarasi sarees that you’ll find in most of the reputed saree stores.

Georgette Banarasi
You must be aware about the fabric called ‘georgette’, right? It’s one of those fabric that’s easy to wash and comfy to wear in almost any climate. Georgette Banarasis come in various colors, and most of the georgette Banarasi sarees have temple-design at their bottom or have circular embroidery done with golden thread throughout the body; and the pallu is even more gorgeous.

Georgette Banarasi Saree

Brocade Banarasi (Kora)
Brocade Banarasis are designed using valuable metals such as gold and silver to make you look like a royalty. These sarees usually have a combination of both Indian and Persian style designs that are made by warp and weft method, and these designs cover the entire Saree. In brocade Banarasis, silver threads are coated with gold and are then woven closely around a silk yarn to create zari brocade. Brocade Banarsis are surely gorgeous, and will make you look amazing.

Brocade Banarasi Saree

Pure Banarasi Silk (Katan)
If you want a Banarasi that is sheen and smooth, then undoubtedly go and buy a pure Banarasi silk saree, because they are smooth and really lustrous. These beautiful and polished sarees are made of silk threads that are woven using a special machine. Pure Banarasi silks are worth keeping in your wardrobe, so if you are willing to purchase a saree that you can don occasionally, then undoubtedly go for a pure Banarasi silk. But, it is a bit difficult to maintain these sarees because they always needs to be dry cleaned after every use.

Pure Banarasi Silk Saree

These were a few varieties of banarasi sarees that are surely going to intensify your closet. If you are suppose to attend a party, marriage ceremony or any other occasion in this season or the upcoming seasons, then don’t forget to purchase an attractive and gorgeous Banarasi that’s going to enhance your beauty and make you look like a royalty. If you are going to tie knot really soon then don’t forget to go through the Indian wedding sarees collection from simaaya fashions. Why just wedding sarees? You can purchase other ethnic wear and women accessories too from their online store.