Bollywood Exemplary Outfits That Turned Into Fashion Trends

Bollywood movies have been inspiring us since ages, especially the actors who have grabbed everyone’s attention through their excellent acting skills, looks, dance moves, and of course, their grace. But most importantly, they have grabbed audiences’ attention by wearing extremely eye-catchy and beautiful attires. The way they dress up have so much impact on the general people that they literally start imitating them crazily! If you are one of those who love to follow the style statement of the Bollywood divas, and would love to don attires like them, then you are surely going to love this blog to the core. Because, in this blog we are going to pick some of the iconic Bollywood actresses, who’s exemplary outfit turned into fashion trends that are still loved by many ladies.

Madhubala’s famous ‘Anarkali’ suit

Do you know the history of Anarkali suits? Do you know how it derived its name? Well, the name derived from a legendary character from the movie Mughal-E-Azam, who was named ‘Anarkali’; and this role was played by none other than the classical beauty Madhubala. Throughout the movie she donned suits that had flares and was really pretty; so this suit was later named as Anarkali suits. Anarkali suits are still considered to be graceful ethnic attire, and there are plenty of Indian women who wear Anarkalis on special occasions.

Sadhana’s famous tight churidar

Sadhana, another Btown beauty had set a trend in the 1960s by wearing tight and trendy churidar kameez suits. She was seen donning this stylish outfit in the movie Waqt, which was, of course, a blockbuster movie. Ever since she was seen wearing such chic suits, women started asking their tailor to design and customize similar outfit. That’s how this outfit gained tremendous popularity, and people still wear this type of churidar suits.

Bollywood’s all time favourite, sultry plain chiffon saree

You might think that just a plain chiffon saree isn’t going to make anyone look attractive, isn’t it? But, that’s untrue! You have no idea how chiffon sarees can do wonders! Haven’t you seen Sridevi in Mr. India, Raveena Tandon in Mohra, and Katrina Kaif in De Dana Dan? All these leading btown divas had draped in Chiffon sarees to woo their man (their co-actors) by swaying to a sultry number. So, do you still think chiffon sarees are not happening?

Rani’s colourful Patiala suits

Rani’s colourful Patiala suits in ‘Bunty Aur Bubbly’ was one of the most famed outfits in the years 2005 and above. Every woman was getting crazy to snap a similar outfit that is vibrant. Why just the outfit? Even her jhola bag had become really famous.

These were some of the Bollywood exemplary outfits that turned into fashion trends. Which one would you like to don?

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