The beginning of every new tech buzzword is surrounded with developer excitement. Through the excitement and alien-like technical terms, it may be hard to the tell will this new buzzword bring any benefits to your business.

Serverless is one of the new top tech buzzwords at the moment. It started back in 2014. with Amazon’s re:Invent announcement of AWS Lambda - a compute service claiming:

  • No servers to manage
  • Continuous scaling and balancing
  • Automatic fail-over
  • Subsecond metering (paying only for used, not reserved time)

If you’re not a tech-savvy person (or you’re explaining serverless to one) these things might not…

The goal of this article will show you how to create a serverless Node.js app with DynamoDB to store and retrieve data. It won’t explain the serverless idea, its benefits and so on, as there are already many articles on serverless covering that.

Serverless is like ice cream. It’s nice to talk about it, but much better to try out.

Aleksandar Simovic

Author of "Serverless Applications with Node.js". AWS Serverless Hero. JS Belgrade and Map Meetup Belgrade meetups co-organizer.

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