Trending Hairstyles for Ladies this Summer

Hair style serves as in important cultural artifact. Hair stokes one’s ego and makes them who they are, which is why the spring/ summer 2016 hairstyle trends are possibly the most important of all. One can change so much by merely adjusting her hair. A lady can look street-wise and then suddenly quite professional, she can look adorable and suddenly take on a wild sexiness that’s hard to describe. A woman prizes her hair over all else. hair is not something one normally thinks about when considering a wardrobe and fresh new style. These are few trending hairstyles this summer


Plaits are the perfect summer hairstyle. There are so many ways of tying a plait. It can be a simple plait to a bridal plait. Tying up your hair makes you sweat less than leaving it lose. Braids have been the hottest looks since 2015 and it appears that miniature plaits in your hair are totally in.
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Ponytail for Women

Clubbing and do not want to leave your hair down to look awesome? This is a look you might go for. Ponytails are the simplest way to tie your hair. If you are in a hurry then simply tie up your hair and you’re ready to go! Where there is high, there must also be the low, so seeing ponytails starting from the nape of the neck comes as no surprise. It is a gorgeous thing really and held with a silky or suede ribbon only adds to its appeal with the contrast and the soft beauty.

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Full Head of Braids

Trending Hairstyles for Women this Summer

If you have enough time then try out full head braids. Its hard to do it but ones its done you will have your sexy look for an entire day. You don’t even have to touch it or make it proper. It is a playful look and not very hard to copy, something which can be anything from a few larger braids to many smaller ones all taking over the head.

Messy buns

Messy buns

If you do not have time to clean up your hair, it might be a good idea to opt for the trending messy bun. It is a look for the laziest and busiest of gals, making it a very good trend for those of us who get up early and come home late. The easy updos have become lanky loops and loose-ended chignons, with fuzzy topknots seen often enough on the runway.

Over the Shoulder Bobs

Over the Shoulder Bobs

If you don’t mind cutting your hair then have a bob cut. You don’t have to maintain it much if you have short hair. Don’t worry it will grow back by winter. The truth is that the Fendi bobs were actually faux though, meant for the ladies with commitment issues who would rather be able to go bob in the morning and long ponytail at night. Loose braids at the nape pinned underneath the rest of the hair give it that interesting look.

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Buzz Cuts

Wanna try something new? Cut your hair really short. This heats the summer heat. You can keep your head cool. But remember you will have to wait for a long time to have your original look back. But if you are willing to take up a challenge and try something different then you can try this.

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