War with myself

Trying to think.

How are you today?

I wander, always thinking without end.

Choices, choices, choices.

Decisions, decisions,decisions.

It has been a while since this part of me came out.

My heart pains, bleeds and beats like an old man.

How to connect the dots, I wonder.

How long have I been gone? 10 years? 15?

How can we know freedom if no one has experienced it?

Being forced into violence, struggling to not fall into the pit dug for me.

But isn’t the call too sweet to ignore?

What is power? what is information?

The forces in this world pushing for my failure.

Oh! Satan how you laugh at my ignorance.

And I thought I could slip through the war.

Only but distant voices echoing in the distant.

When you look into my heart, what do you find?

Do you find anything desirable? or should everything be set on fire?

Who is a good person?

What is life?

The truth.

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