Some Insights on Indigenous Knowledge Systems Significants

It seems as if there are two different worlds in only one globe. The first world, being the capitalist world, viewed as the world of the “civilized and educated” which make some laws, give rules and global policies for the so called “uneducated” to follow. And this other world is potrayed as poor, and contains nothing to contribute to the global development and betterment. It is seen as having very limited freedoms and suppression because the laws which are being made place those that are required by the first world to follow at a peripheral position in discussing and mapping sustainable solutions of communities and the globe as a whole.

By having such an approach, of selection/ “dispersing” the world will continue to lose out of opportunities that could be used to create its betterness , of creating a health globe, of making the continents seeing themselves as equal to strengthening the challenges that require to be addressed in a very candid and holistic manner. The so called “uneducated” are very educated and have the wisdom and understanding that the world and many might be regarding as a signs of desperation and poverty. By placing science, research and technology at the fore of every global development agenda is really of significant but it has somehow destructed and is overshadowing potential innovations from being created.

The indigenous knowledges of the local people in very unlikely places of this globe contains with them some significant insights that are pointing to enable the creation of sustainable solutions in human health, in animal health, in cattle treatment, in food security, child development and curb many diseases and deaths of either humans, animals and the environment.