Talk of artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, and lots of technology-driven companies are in a rush of implementing AI even during the pandemic: according to Gartner, in 2020 47% of organizations left their investments in AI unchanged and 30% decided to increase their AI funding.

Don’t forget about traditional solutions

The Test Automation Pyramid is a well-known concept that helps both developers and QAs create high-quality software. In this article we would like to highlight another strategy — the Automation Test Wheel, thought over by Kristin Jackvony, a QA Lead at Paylocity and the author of a popular blog Think Like a Tester.

Technical debt is common for many projects — in most cases, staying on schedule is better than breaking the sprint or project deadline because of a specific issue with a certain part of the code. But in the end, abusing it can have a significant impact on the whole project.

What is the reason?

Growth is one of the key goals for most companies, and expansion in location and geography has lots of benefits — local knowledge, physical presence across key demographics, and better audience reach. But from a management perspective, multiple worksites come with their own set of challenges.

Tip #1: Establish Ground Rules

No industry has gone untouched as the world struggles against the coronavirus pandemic. But medtech finds itself playing an urgent role in combating the most important issues — helping detect the virus, delivering medical care to patients, and supplying frontline healthcare workers with the equipment needed to fight it.

Mobile apps have been pretty much the bedrock tool for businesses since Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPhone and app store with it. Now, more than 10 years later, the number of mobile app users have grown by many folds. With so many apps already present in the market, there are chances that the app you are developing might go unnoticed.

1. Proper research

Earlier this year, Y. Kim et al. published a paper introducing a novel loss function for classification tasks. The authors claim that this loss improves models’ quality in both balanced and imbalanced classification tasks when combined with a standard cross-entropy loss.


It is essential to keep the IT system stable during operation at peak loads, to prevent and consider all possible risks. You should test your website or application performance to ensure the stable operability of your IT system.

Stages of Load Testing Process

Self-organisation and Teal teams have gained popularity all over the world recently. Nevertheless, a significant question that remains unanswered is whether to adopt a classical or an independent team management approach: which approach is more profitable when creating an IT solution? At SimbirSoft, we share our view on how to work satisfactorily with Teal teams and how to build optimal interaction among teams.

Teal Trends

  • a desire to be a united team, where…

How to prevent development inefficiencies at the times of virus and remote work? If you manage an IT project, how can you protect it from failed deadlines and other risks? Here are some lifehacks that we use in custom software development at SimbirSoft.


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