Process to get a new mobile number in India

Irritated by the unnecessary calls on your mobile number, get a new one, In past getting a new phone number was a tiring procedure but not now It is so easy to get a new mobile connection in India nowadays, all you need is an ID proof to get your new sim card issued. Also with each new sim card granted we also get mobile number tracker in India enabled with it.

Prepaid or Postpaid, which one to choose?

All of the popular mobile network service providers in India offer both prepaid and postpaid services but the great dilemma we have to deal with is which service to choose as both of them offer its own merits and demerits. A prepaid connection can be cheaper and easy to get but a postpaid connection ensures more safety.

The list of the differences goes on and on and is a never-ending one. Prepaid SIM cards can be recharged anywhere anytime but with postpaid connections, you don’t have to worry about the recharge just a monthly bill is enough to continue your services. A prepaid SIM card is easily available at any retail shop but you have to apply to the service provider directly in order to get a postpaid connection. You should take a wise decision as per your needs about which connection to get.

Which mobile network to choose?

There are a number of mobile phone network providers in India. With each provider offering new deals and offers it is really hard to choose. But frankly speaking, you should also make this judgment keeping in mind the state you live in, as the network coverage in each state differs based on who won the bidding. Taking an overall note Airtel provides the best network coverage throughout the country but also have high costing tariff plans. Whereas Vodafone on the other hand also provides good network coverage along with the moderate priced tariff plans.

All of the service providers also grant you the facility of mobile number tracker in India if you lose your phone, it can be a brilliant way to hunt it down. In case you are not satisfied by your mobile phone network provider and want to change it, you can also opt for mobile phone portability it is very easy to do and absolutely free of cost.

Final words

Many mobile network companies are also proving online services to issue new mobile phone connections including door to door delivery of the new SIM card. This is an easy step and you will not have to roam around to retailers or the service providers, office to get a new connection. It is becoming easier day by day to get a new mobile number in India, much more convenient from the chaos it used to be earlier. Getting a new phone number is not at all a big deal now and can be granted to anyone asking for it without much trouble.

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