The game we love — and HATE.

We’re sisters who live and work together. And several months ago, we were both home sick, and going crazy. And we discovered SimCity BuildIt for iPad. And never looked back.

Well, we both love the game. But we hate it, too. We don’t expect something for nothing, so we regularly put money into it, purchasing Sim Bucks (these ain’t cheap, folks).

We know the way the game plays pretty well after all this time. And we were looking for a place to really be able to complain about our many issues. There are elements that just keep this game from being as ‘perfect’ as it could be…

If you check online with those who play the game, GREED will come up over and over again. Maybe it’s just me — and maybe I’m naive. But I’ve always admired companies that created and promoted games like The Sims, or Civilization (two of our faves). And I’m realistic enough to know they need to make a buck or two, but I really believed they weren’t only in it for the money.

But our experiences with SimCity BuildIt have made me reconsider, I admit. Just how much money do they need to make, after all? This is so far removed from the days when you made a one-time purchase of a game CD for your computer that it’s seriously not funny.

There will be lots more gripping to come, believe me. From little day-to-day gripes, right up to The Contest of Mayors (especially since Leagues began).

There’s really no getting EA to actually LISTEN to game players, but at least now we can share our complaints with others.

That just might save our sanity, if not our dollars!

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